Dragon Dildos: The Ultimate Care And Cleaning Guide

Dragon Dildos: The Ultimate Care And Cleaning Guide

It can be pretty exciting getting a shiny new dildo, and dragon dildos are the shiniest in the bunch with so many shapes, colours, and sizes. It’s like getting toys for Christmas, adult toys anyways. But, before you start cleaning these delicate items either by washing them the wrong way or using the wrong cleaning agents, you might want to read this first. We’ve put together some top care tips to enable you to take proper care of your new monster friend.

Care Guide

Firstly, most top-quality dragon dildos are made using silicone-based materials, and this makes them unique, but it also means they have a unique set of rules when handling them.

While silicone dragon dildos are strong and durable, they are meant for your tender parts and not for rough handling. Dragon dildos should not be cut or torn by sharp objects in any way. They should not be used on rough surfaces either, as this can cause abrasive cuts to the toy's surface. Cuts or tears made to the toys will leave crevices for bacteria to hide and colonise, and you do not want that. Cuts and tears could also lead to the toy ripping over time.

Silicone is a sensitive material which is probably why it feels so good when used in making dildos, but this also makes them incompatible with a lot of other materials. To avoid placing your dragon dildo together with one of several incompatible materials, store it alone and separate it from every other toy you own. Other low-quality toys can cause your dragon dildo to melt and become sticky. They can also cause the colours to leach out or even transfer smells and odours. So try keeping your dragon dildo separate and restrain it from fraternising with lower-class toys.

One material silicone is sensitive to is silicone or at least silicone-based lubes. Most people have experienced their dragon dildos changing textures after using them with silicone-based lube. So it is recommended you don’t let your dragon dildo come in contact with silicone-based lube. You can stick with a good quality water-based lube or other varieties.

Cleaning Guide

We know getting a new toy at the store or having one delivered to your door can leave you bubbling with anticipation because all you want to do is rip it out of the box and get to work. However, before you go to town and stick any new toy inside your sensitive parts, be sure to take note of these cleaning guides.

After unboxing a brand new toy, you must wash it thoroughly before using it for the first time. Make sure to clean it properly using soap and warm water to eliminate any factory smells or odours that might still be lingering on the toy.

After washing, be sure to rinse properly before you proceed to use the toy. This is equally as important as washing toys because as much as you want to get rid of factory smells, you also don’t want soap on the toy coming in contact with your delicate insides.

After the first wash, it is important to repeat the same practice after each use to prevent the build-up of bacteria on the toy after coming in contact with bodily fluids. You can thoroughly hand wash your toy by scrubbing with a sponge to get into all the crevices that dragon dildos have. You could also wash it by putting it in a dishwasher.

Always remember, “Wash-Rinse-Store”.

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