How Many Types Of Dragon Dildos Are There?

How Many Types Of Dragon Dildos Are There?

Over the last few years, the world of sex toys and dildos in parties has been hit by an exciting new fetish. And that fetish is an obsession with sexy reptilian fantasy creatures like dragons. 

This fetish has become so popular that there's now a genre of dildos that are dedicated to satisfying the urges of people who have them. Through all this, one company has emerged as the most popular maker of these dragon dildos, and that's Bad Dragon. 

Since this fetish is still relatively new, there's some confusion to be had over how many types of dragon dildos there are, and what these dildos look like. The thing is; there are as many dragon dildos as there are fantasy worlds.

However, despite the many dragon dildos available, dragon dildos can roughly be categorised into three broad types.

Feet Dragon Dildo

This is probably the strangest and most exciting of the lot. As the name implies, this is a genre of dildos that aren't phalluses exactly (even though anything can be used as a phallus if you're adventurous enough). Instead, they are shaped as dragon feet and are targeted at people who love a bit of foot play. 

The best way to use them is to get two of them, and then use them together in either solo play or with someone else. These dildos are usually very soft, rubbery and add a fantastic and tantalising touch to the bedroom. A great example of this sort of dildo is David's Paw, a dildo from Bad Dragon. It may be a bit pricey, but it's just the perfect toy if you've ever fantasised about feet playing with a fantastic beast.

Dragon Dildos

Dragon dildos are the basic dildos that look like what you might imagine dragon phalluses to look like. 

These dildos are usually really huge and can be as long as 10 inches or more. Of course, there are smaller sizes too, so there's a lot of variety for you. Some companies, like Bad Dragon, can even custom make one for you with the perfect specifications and everything. That's a lot more expensive, and it's probably just cheaper to search for one that suits you - it just depends on your kink really.

The size of these dildos isn't the only remarkable thing about them. Their shapes are pretty amazing too. They come with all sorts of ridges, bumps, and other stimulating features that will certainly make your insides very, very, very happy.

Lastly, these toys are usually very aesthetically pleasing and come in very different and exciting colours. If you want to get a dildo that feels not only good but also looks good in a not boring way, then a dragon dildo is what you should get.

Tentacles Dildo

If you're not a dragon dildo person and would prefer something more suited to finding your g spot, then you should try a tentacle dildo. Like dragon dildos, these dildos are inspired by fantastic beasts. However, these tentacled dildos are usually inspired by animés, not movies.

In terms of shape, the tentacle dildos look exactly how they are named. They are straight, have a thick base, and thin out at the top. Because they are made with such flexible material and have such pointed tips, they are better suited to tickle that amazing spot hidden deep within you.

There are too many variations of dragon dildos to mention, but most of the dildos you'll see will fall into one of these three categories. All you need to do is pick one that suits your idea of fun and what you think you (or you and your partner) would enjoy.

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