Supercharge YOUR Stamina: How Male Sex Toys Can Help Your Performance In Bed

Supercharge YOUR Stamina: How Male Sex Toys Can Help Your Performance In Bed

Let's get real, friends. Do you orgasm a little earlier than you'd like when it's time to get down? While there is no "right way" to have sex, I understand that it can be frustrating for people and, at times, their partners. It's important to note that it's quite normal to feel as though you might orgasm a bit sooner than you'd like to. It happens a lot, but the good news is that you can try to change it if you want to.

You may develop your sexual stamina with a little amount of practice, just as you would study to increase your brain fitness or work out in the gym to increase your physical fitness. Additionally, the training isn't precisely rigorous. In fact, you'll probably enjoy yourself quite a bit.

What’s a Fleshlight?

of the greatest tools for this is a male masturbator or sex toy that simulates the sensation of a vagina. This is true for heterosexual guys and many other people with penises. One of the most well-known brands is Fleshlight, which is essentially a fake vagina enclosed in a solid case that has been carefully engineered to make it appear like a flashlight (torch) when the lid is on. When it comes to male masturbator toys, fleshlights are as close as you'll get to a real vagina. You get a true sense of penetrative sex when you place your erection inside the solid casing because it includes a soft, malleable "Real Feel" sleeve inside that was specifically created to mimic the feel of a vagina. To use a Fleshlight, you lubricate the interior sleeve as well as the Fleshlight's orifice entry and apply some water-based lubrication to your penis. Then, just as with penetrative sex normally, you insert your erection, grasp the sturdy case, and thrust away.

If you prefer hands-free operation, you can tape your Fleshlight to a table or other surface or tuck it between your mattress and the base of your bed. The Fleshlight sleeve is totally washable after use, so you can ejaculate inside it without worry. The sleeve is removed, washed with water (avoid soap or cleaners that include chemicals), and dried before reinserting into the casing. You can purchase a renewer powder to keep the material in top shape.


What's A Stamina Training Unit?

While numerous Fleshlight sleeves are available for regular pleasure masturbation, one is created specifically for orgasm delay training: the Stamina Training Unit (STU). With its optimal internal 1/2′′ (13mm) canal diameter and lifelike texture, it is meant to simulate the natural sensation of intercourse most nearly.



How Do You Train With FleshLights?

The training method is designed to teach you how to notice when you are about to orgasm and how to postpone the process. You'll notice the silky, pillow-like material stroking your penis as you enter the STU. The STU bumps rub you on the way in, but the ridges really grab your penis on the way out. The STU has been characterised as feeling like "little fingers" tickling your penis extraordinarily powerfully. (Recall that we said you'd appreciate this type of training.) As you push harder and get closer to the point of no return, your penis expands naturally, heightening the impression of texture and amplifying intensity. Then you reach the point of no return, at which moment you orgasm and ejaculate. You can begin to learn when the point of no return is nearby focusing solely on your sensations. Then you can stop thrusting, let the sensation fade, and slowly resume pushing. You can do this multiple times until you decide to "let go."

Another advantage is that your orgasms may get stronger. With more build-up before they happen, your brain and body are more fully engrossed in the process, and the tension is higher, thus explosive climaxes are possible. Result!

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