Celebrating Sexual Health On September 4

Celebrating Sexual Health On September 4

September 4 is World Sexual Health Day, a day dedicated to promoting sexual health and well-being. Many people think of it as an opportunity to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to what actually defines "sexual health." 

This umbrella term refers not only to avoiding unplanned pregnancies or STIs but also encompasses many facets surrounding sex and sexuality which affect physical and emotional wellness in different ways depending on individual circumstances.

World Sexual Health Day was launched n September 4th, 2012, to raise awareness for sexual health issues, such as STDs and HIV. Since then, it has expanded a lot further to encompass a number of different sexual elements. That is why it is important for people of all orientations to understand what it means to be sexually healthy because proper education can help prevent the spread of diseases, unplanned pregnancies and other sexual issues.

The American Sexual Health Association defines someone who is sexually healthy as possessing the understanding that sexuality involves more than just sexual behaviour. Among other characteristics, behaviours and belief systems around sex and relationships. 

Part of understanding your sexuality is taking charge of your reproductive health - this may include regularly getting tested for STIs or being on top of your menstrual cycle. Being in control allows individuals to take care of their emotional well-being while also maintaining good physical hygiene by keeping track of how many days it takes them until they get their period again for example.

A sexually healthy person recognises that everyone has sexual rights. This is something you can speak about as well to celebrate.

Different people like different things. Some people might prefer vanilla over chocolate, or maybe they only date tall guys—it's important to respect everyone’s preferences because we all deserve the right to choose what is being done with our bodies! And on September 4th, you should speak up if your sexual health is compromised, especially you are being sexually abused and report it anonymously if need be.

The sexually healthy will make safe, reliable efforts to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs.

Sexual activity comes with a lot of consequences. Not only can you get pregnant, but you can also pass STIs to your partner (or vice versa). To stay safe while being sexually active, use contraception and practice good hygiene. While the best way is abstinence, having protection like condoms or other contraceptives will help prevent pregnancy and reduce risks for contracting an STI.

They can openly communicate about their sexual health and needs with intimate partners and healthcare providers when needed.

Being open about your sex life is important to maintain healthy relationships. It’s vital that you communicate with your healthcare team whenever a sexual activity occurs, as the more honest and informative you are, the better care they can provide for you. While it may feel uncomfortable discussing such an intimidating topic like this at first, just know that eventually, things will get easier! 

A sexually healthy individual will feel comfortable being honest with their partner, whether this means telling them that they like or dislike a certain sex position, admitting to having an STI, or that you simply don’t feel like having sex. 

The best way for partners in any relationship to build strong communication is by openly talking about and expressing what each other wants from the relationship while still remaining respectful of boundaries. Honesty can help both parties achieve sexual health goals such as feeling more confident during intimacy or getting tested regularly if one has multiple sexual encounters outside of the monogamous partnership.

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