Anal Play: The Art of Prostate Massaging

Anal Play: The Art of Prostate Massaging

Anal stimulation is something that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender identity, and sexual orientation.  Everybody loves a good orgasm, so why not explore every option your body has to offer? After all we’re just walking nerve endings! Butt (pun intended), for men and people with a prostate, anal play has the ability to be taken to all new heights!


What Is The Prostate? 

The prostate (sometimes called the P-spot) is a gland and reproductive organ that surrounds the neck of the bladder for biological males. The main responsibility of the prostate gland is to secrete prostate fluid, which is one of the key components of semen. Kind of a big deal, right? Not only that, but the muscles of the prostate gland also help propel seminal fluid into the urethra during ejaculation.


Does Prostate Stimulation Feel Good? 

So how does stimulating this gland even come into the equation? Well prostate stimulation is another way of achieving that highly sought-after toe-curling orgasm! Much like the female g-spot, the “p-spot” (prostate), is usually regarded for its considerably stronger, deeper, and more powerful orgasms, rather than solely penile stimulation. And, for the lucky gentlemen out there, the prostate has variety of indirect and direct ways that it can be stimulated!

The two most common indirect forms of prostate stimulation come from either, stimulating the front wall of the rectum during penetration, or externally via the perineum (the fleshy area between the scrotum and rectum, also known as the, “taint”).  The most pleasurable way to stimulate this area is by massaging it, which is often referred to as “prostate milking”. As the prostate gland is quite small and can initially take some time to find and you’ll need to know what you’re looking for. Believe me… you’ll know when you’ve found it! Not only will you’ll be able to feel the pleasurable nerve endings tingling when roused, but the prostate gland should feel like a raised up, denser area that is more bumpy and textured than the nearby tissue. Fingers and prostate toys are the perfect way to achieve your prostate orgasm, as they are smaller and more manoeuvrable.

You’re probably wondering what a prostate toy is, well, typically this is any toy with a flat tapered based (so that there’s no chance of your toys going on their own adventure!), and a curved or flexible tip that can rub, massage, or vibrate against the prostate.  Here at BeDaring, a few customer favourites are:

Now, although I’m sure you’re all sceptical, the most direct way to stimulate the prostate is through the penis and urethra, in the form of urethral sounding. It may sound a bit alien, but the urethra is jam packed full of nerve endings, and it also doubles as an effective way of stimulating the prostate and the surrounding nerves.

Urethral sounds are available up to a width of 17mm and can be pushed as far into the penis as the pleasure/pain threshold will allow. Urethral sounds are usually long and thin, and there are a multitude of different types for every occasion, including; vibrating, ridged, tapered, electro, sperm stopper, through hole (for passing fluids), and solid.

As this is quite a sensitive area, here are some basic rules to follow when playing with penile products:

  1. If it hurts and you are not enjoying it, STOP. 
    2. Be sure to always use a body safe lubricant when using a urethral sound/plug.
    3. Always start small and work your way up to the larger sizes – if you go too large to start with you can cause some irreparable damage to yourself / partner.


The Fun Doesn’t End There!

Not only is prostate massaging super enjoyable and fun, but it’s also great for your health! Prostate massage is believed to aid in clearing the prostatic duct, as massaging the gland can produce a spontaneous secretion of fluid, clearing any excess that may be causing issues. The use of prostate massage therapy is supported for a range of conditions, and may provide more relief for:

  • Painful ejaculation
  • Erectile disfunction
  • Irregular urine flow
  • Prostatitis

For more information on prostate massaging health benefits, check out Healthline’s in-depth article, here.


Getting To The ‘Bottom’ of Things!

In recent times, there has been a common stigmatisation around men receiving and enjoying anal and prostate stimulation, however, the prostate and anal cavity do not have a sexual orientation, and are not determinate of who you are attracted to. Regardless of your identity or orientation, prostate stimulation can and should be enjoyed by any persons who have one!

Now, before getting down to business, there a few preparation steps you can do to ensure you experience is as enjoyable as possible. Firstly, invest in a douche! With any backdoor play, there’s always some anxiety with how, well, clean things down there are. Douching helps relieves these worries by flushing out the anal cavity with water and ensuring everything is squeaky clean. For more information on ‘how-to’ douche, and where to find yours, our Anal: Getting Your Booty Ready is available.


As both the rectum and urethra aren’t exactly super self-lubricating, you’re also going to need to grab some lube! You want to ensure that your toys or body parts have an easy passage and it is the most comfortable experience it can be. To do this make sure you’re using lubricant that is body safe and compatible with any toys being used. So, remember if you’re using silicone toys, “Two silicones don’t make a right” and they will only be compatible with water-based lubricants. I recommend anything from the Pjur Analyse Me! and Pjur Backdoor range, as they are designed specifically for anal play, and aid in relaxing the rectum without numbing.

To avoid any infections, and due to the intimate areas in which these toys are being used, it is also recommended to thoroughly clean it with an antibacterial toy cleaner, before and after each use, and if you’re using fingers, ensure they a clean, free of any cuts and grazes, and that your nails a short.

Last but not least, patience is a virtue! Both anal and penis play can be time consuming, especially when practiced safely. So, it is important that you do not push your body too fast too quickly, or damage can be done. Take your time, and ensure you regularly reapply lubricant. If you feel any pain immediately stop, prostate play is for pleasurable moments not painful memories!


Final Thoughts 

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our friendly professionals on 1800 666 069
There's no better place to get advice for your first time then BeDaring; we are caring, friendly and professional. And we look forward to seeing you!

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