Best Sex Positions for Gay Men and MLM Relationships

Best Sex Positions for Gay Men and MLM Relationships

There is more to a healthy relationship than sex, but the value of a wonderful sex life and sexual compatibility in most partnerships cannot be overstated. With a few exceptions, most couples say that the sexual chemistry and energy they feel is part of what keeps their relationship alive...

Even among couples who have been together for several years, there is always the understanding that their sex life must be kept interesting in order to avoid lethargy. That is how important amazing sex is in a relationship, and it is no different in gay relationships.

Whether you're in a standard monogamous relationship, an open relationship, or even a polyamorous relationship, having a sex life that's continuously evolving and improving, as well as partners who are eager to explore and try new things, are essential for keeping an enjoyable connection. Experimenting with a sex practise does not obligate you to accept it, but by attempting several, you will undoubtedly find one or two actions that you and your partners agree on.

Exploring sextet positions is one of the simplest and least time-consuming methods to spice up your relationship. Trying out stuff like kinks or BDSM usually necessitates the purchase of expensive equipment. It may also entail going to clubs, and not everyone is comfortable with such changes. A new sex position, on the other hand, merely demands a little flexibility and a desire to experiment. You don't even have to leave your bedroom, living room, or wherever you and your spouse or partners have sex.

Before attempting a new sex position, it is critical that all parties involved discuss it. It doesn't have to be a two-hour discussion with coffee served, but introducing a new position in the middle of the act may not always go over well, especially if it's a relatively complex one for which your partner may not be prepared, or even capable. So, bring up the possibility of trying out a so-and-so position and see if your spouse is receptive to or interested in it. This way, if you're already in bed and suggest it again later, it won't come as a surprise. Bringing it up sooner will also allow you to determine what, if any, adjustments the other partners may require for that position. Lube, cushions for support, or a substantial piece of furniture like a chair or cupboard may be required, and you can make those accommodations.

Remember that a sex position should be pleasurable for everyone involved. Convincing a painter to try a position you prefer but they don't may sour your sex life and create long-term harm. Instead, try to figure out why they're not interested in your concept and see if there's anything you can do to address the situation.

For example, you may realise that your partner is not receptive to frothing because the friction is uncomfortable for them rather than delightful. This can be fixed with the right lubrication. If they are simply not open to your offer, you can try to compromise by suggesting a similar position that they would be interested in, or you can talk and explore your top or bottom positions (if they are now strictly defined). That way, you and your partner can find something you both enjoy.

Here is a list of a few sex positions to attempt to help you get started with finding new and exciting sex positions to try in your relationship. Stock up on Pure For Men and make sure you're douch'd and prepared because things are about to get wild...


Missionary Position

We'll give you a few seconds to finish your complaining and eye-rolling. The missionary position is commonly known as the white bread of sex positions, but like white bread, which is legendary for its versatility and adaptability, the possibilities of the missionary position are limitless. It enables several things that aren't always achievable in more daring sex positions. Kissing and direct eye contact, which can bring the heat up to eleven, are possibilities. The top (the person doing the penetration) can jerk the bottom (the person being penetrated) off with a little manoeuvring. The friction of their bodies rubbing together can also stimulate the bottom. The top may easily vary the angle of penetration based on the top's directives. In this situation, choking is also a possibility.

Consider this: a gentle and firm hand wrapped around the neck, each thrust precisely finding the sweet spot, a tongue feathering lightly across trembling lips, soul-searching eye contact...whew. Just thinking about it makes us feel heated and irritated.


Dildo Play

Using dildos before indulging in your chosen anal sexual activities, which might include conventional anal intercourse, can provide an incredible sensation for him and serve as a true exercise in affectionate dominance for you. This is true both during anal intercourse and while you're expertly manipulating the devices. One significant advantage of anal pleasure devices is that they let you to concentrate entirely on the gratification you're delivering your companion. You have greater power, and the image of a dildo moving in and out of his behind will surely titillate you. Furthermore, dildos remain firm from beginning to end, removing any fear about reaching climax before your partner is completely happy. They also have improved manoeuvrability. You may reach for the toy box at the start of your personal meeting, but rotating him and tenderly rub, kiss, and lick his anus can be a nice preparation. Show your appreciation for his posterior. Make time to rim him, massage his buttocks, and gently stimulate his genitals. Explore the inner recesses of his anus with your fingers lubricated. You'll be able to tell when his anal muscles are stiff and when they are relaxed.

The first penetration as the dildo penetrates him can be a thrilling experience for the willing companion. With a long-term partner, you're probably aware of his size preferences and may have a number of his favoured dildos. Begin with a moderately sized dildo and gradually raise the size, softly enlarging his anus with each step. We personally recommend a realistic dildo from His Tipp, which comes in two sizes and is designed for maximum satisfaction. This lifelike, veiny suction cup dildo, made of double-layered, soft silicone, can be enjoyed hands-free or in partner play.

Slow thrusts, rotating the toy, and swirling the tip into him. Increase the sensation with fast, powerful thrusts. Change up your thrusting pattern to keep him guessing. You will stimulate his prostate by utilising dildos. He may climax several times before you penetrate him. Even while utilising larger toys, potentially greater than your own size, you don't have to be concerned about your own size appearing anticlimactic. You can make him so sensitive that your human-sized member fits properly.

Aside from the physical delight of penetration, the passive partner frequently gets enormous joy in knowing that his active partner is completely devoted to him. The active partner can heighten this sensation by powerfully indicating his desire to be within him through words, noises, and touch. Tease your boyfriend by having him alternate between oral dildo pleasuring and you before you penetrate him. You can be confident that your activities are in line with his pleasure if you use the dildo carefully and pay attention to his responses.

Sharing a peaceful period of stillness after reaching climax can be beneficial for both lovers. He can enjoy the intimate, safe, and connected feeling with you while you bask in the warmth of your afterglow. This sense of accomplishment is frequently amplified when you've properly aroused his anal and prostate regions, which give more pleasure than your penis could on its own.



This sex style is ideal for a top who is secure in their strength and stamina, as well as a bottom who enjoys the hardest and roughest rides and is at ease giving up control. The top controls the speed, tempo, and angle, while the bottom has free hands to jerk himself off or hold on to the sheets for dear life. Kissing is also possible if both sides are flexible enough.

Doggy style can be extended to accommodate more than two people by establishing a doggy train - ideal for fuzzy lovers. The third partner only needs to position himself behind the second and penetrate from behind. More partners can be included in the same way, but by the fourth or fifth, it's likely to become unpleasant; hey, what doesn't work for others can work for you.

Doggy style can also be applied to the infamous Eiffel Tower, with the third partner kneeling in front of the bottom and receiving a blow job from him. The 'Eiffel Tower' effect is achieved by both parties touching hands over the bottom, however this is not required.



Spooning is not usually a sex position. It can sometimes be as simple as lying back-to-back with your spouse, their hand around your waist or chest. While spooning is fantastic for building intimacy in partnerships, adding spice necessitates the removal of clothing.

Eye contact is frequently impossible (unless the bottom is a good yogi), but skin-to-skin touch more than compensates. It's ideal for gradual, deep penetration, and because everyone is sprawled out on the bed or floor comfortably, there's no need to rush for fear of cramps or injuries. You can stay in the posture for as long as you desire.



The top lies on their back, like in the hetero/more popularly known Cowgirl position, while the bottom straddles them. The top penetrates the bottom from beneath. This position is good for bottoms that enjoy having control over the depth of penetration as well as the speed. The bottom does the most of the work by bouncing up and down, but the top can also move his hips up and down.

If a third partner is present, he can either kneel over the top's face for a blow job or stand with both feet on either side of the top, crotch at the bottom's eye level. So he can get a blow job or a hand job from the bottom. Reverse cowboy is similar, only that the bottom now faces away from the top, with their back to the top's face.



The standing position, like the missionary position, can be modified in a variety of ways. The position's essential assumption is that both partners stand on their feet. For penetration, the bottom typically stands with his back to the front of the top. In this position, it's best to use a lot of lubrication, or sex may be uncomfortable. The bottom normally leans against a wall, slightly bending forward, while the top penetrates it from behind. The topping can reach everywhere from their neck to their clothes and have their hands free to caress the bottom. The bottom can also reach around and stroke the rope or grab their arm. If the bottom is flexible, kissing is feasible; another version has the two partners standing facing each other.

While penetration is not possible, there are other enjoyable activities to do, such as mutual masturbation, jerking each other off, frotting, grinding, or exploring certain gay men's sex toys.



Because there are only two persons participating, it's probably more accurate to term this oral sex. In this posture, both partners lie on top of each other, heads in opposite directions but facing each other, so they can blow each other up. Their positions correspond to the numbers 6 and 9, hence the position's name. When numerous partners are involved, it is referred to as a daisy chain because the partners normally enter from head to crotch and link to each other, forming a circle. It's a great personal, heady position for some mind-blowing orgasms. The daisy chain may be as long as space allows, making it ideal for orgies.


The Rusty Trombone

The rusty trombone is strictly a two-pronged activity, but an odd number of partners can try it together. One partner stands up with their legs shoulder-width apart. The other partner then kneels or squats behind him while performing anilingus and caressing his penis with one hand. The act is termed the rusty trombone because it resembles blowing a trombone.

Another possibility is that instead of rimming, the anus is penetrated with fingers.


Bumper Cars

Why are Western names for sex positions so strange? Some cultures have seductive names like Dancing Lily and Hovering Butterfly, yet we have Screwdriver, Fire Hydrant, and Wheelbarrow. It's not a tool shed, it's sex! We must do better. Aside from the awkward name, 'bumper automobiles' is a sex position that both gay and heterosexual couples can enjoy. The bottom is lying on his stomach with his legs splayed apart in this position. The top is also lying on his stomach, facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction, his legs splayed wide out. He then slides higher till his legs are on each side of the bottom and his penis is aligned with the bottom's anus.

He can now carefully penetrate while still facing the opposite direction. It requires a lot of agility, and penetration is usually shallow, yet some males prefer this position.


Lap Dance

Don't worry; there's no dancing in this position. The top sits with his legs apart and his feet planted firmly on the ground. The bottom then sits on his lap as the top penetrates him from beneath. Because both of their hands are free, the top can excite the bottom by pinching or jerking him off (or both). The bottom can also stroke his own member. Because he has to elevate and lower himself to the top's member, the bottom normally sets the pace.


Suspended Congress

This configuration is typically characterised by a smaller, lighter bottom and a larger, stronger top. The top is standing on his feet, knees slightly bent. He then raises his bottom and penetrates him. For balance, the bottom wraps his legs around the top's waist, and the top thrusts upwards while bearing all of the top's weight. If the bottom is too heavy, he can help himself by grabbing onto the support above him, however this is not typically the case. This is not a position for beginners because penetration is pretty deep and the top has complete control.



This is a variation on Doggy, except that instead of being on all fours, the bottom is also on their knees, putting the top's front in contact with their back. The hands of the top are free to roam the body of the bottom, and the bottom can bend his head for a kiss.


Hole Teasing

This position is excellent for extending the pleasure. Instead of directly penetrating the bottom's anus, the top massages his member across and around it. He can also penetrate with the head of his penis. Both sides are stimulated in this way, but not to the point of climax.



Teabagging is the process of the bottom orally stimulating the balls. The penis can be stroked from the top or the bottom. It can be done in a variety of postures and during multiple-partner sexual intercourse.


The Warrior

For straight couples, the warrior sex position is identical to the Amazon. It's similar to the cowboy, except instead of lying spread out on the top, he lifts his legs up to the tabletop position, with his knees bent upwards towards his chest. He can even bring them to his chest if he is flexible. For stimulation, the bottom squats above him and moves up and down. Like the reverse cowboy, the revere warrior involves the bottom facing in the other direction.


Side By Side

The incredible feature of this gay sex position is that it enables for deeper penetration due to the bigger opening generated by the bottom's lifted leg. Because you and your lover would be lying down, this posture would be low-stress. If you want to enjoy mind-blowing passionate sex with your lover, I recommend this position. If you're at the bottom, lie down on your back with one leg extended and the other bent at the knee. Bring the bent leg as close to your shoulder as possible; if necessary, support your knee with your hand. Then, with his body perpendicular to yours, your partner should lie on his side, facing you. From this vantage point, he can effortlessly slip his cock inside your asshole.



When you and your lover are celebrating a major event, such as an anniversary, this is the ideal sex position. Because you're both facing each other, you can get a lot of eye contact, deep kissing, and face caressing. Because this position requires a lot of deep penetration, it's best to let the top person produce a thrusting rhythm because they have greater ability to control their hips back and forth.

Sit with your knees bent to the sides and the bottoms of your feet touching, as in the butterfly yoga position. Then, facing you, your spouse will sit in your lap and wrap their legs around your back. Your partner should sit quite near to you so that your cock may easily penetrate his anus.


Butt Massage

If you enjoy foreplay, this gay sex job is for you. This posture entails gradual sensual massaging of your partner's buttocks. You might also touch your dick while doing it for added pleasure. Allow your spouse to lie down on his stomach, legs open. You can then sit or lie between his parted legs. You can massage your lover's butt with your hand or whatever sex device you choose after you're in a comfortable position. It is beneficial to apply massage oils. By progressively increasing the intensity of the massage around his asshole, you will surely drive your boyfriend nuts.



This involves the bottom standing and facing the same place as the top allowing the top full access to his asshole.The bottom should hold onto a wall or table for support. You can hold onto your partner’s neck or grab his shoulders while slamming your dick into them.


Kneeling Oral Sex

This position is ideal for avoiding penetration and simply getting your rock off. It's much more satisfying when you rub your partner's cock while shoving your dick into his mouth. You can hold on to the bed's headboard for more leverage in trusting while your lover licks and sucks, which adds to the enjoyment.

Instruct your spouse to lie on his back. Kneel over them, one knee on each side of his head. Bring your cock near enough to your partner's lips for him to effortlessly accept you into his mouth.


PuKnee Up

I know that seems strange, but trust me when I say it's a mind-blowing sex position. It provides maximal exposure to the asshole, allowing for very deep penetration. It is recommended that you prepare your partner well by indulging in a lot of foreplay, and that you have used lots of lubrication. Your companion is flat on his back. You can grab your partner's calves, knees, or ankles while standing. You can then thrust into your partner's leg while pushing it towards your chest. When you push your partner's leg harder, sex becomes more exciting.


Cliff Driver

This is undoubtedly one of the best sex positions ever. It creates crazy intimacy since you can bury your dick into your mate like never before. It is critical to utilise lubricant and protection when in this position.

Your partner should get down on all fours as you penetrate him from behind. You can stand and lift your lover by his waist or thigh. Then, wrap your legs around him and penetrate.



This style is as powerful as the person who inspired it. It is an acrobatic sex that requires a lot of energy.

First and foremost, you must both obtain a suitable chair. Then you sit on the chair, elongating your body, and your partner can ascend either away from you or towards you. He must strike a balance.

The superman style has two variations. In the face-to-face position, your partner, who is on the bottom, leans back while you grip his wrist to provide balance. While you control the thrusting, your partner should lift his leg as though he wants to fly.


Squatters Rights

If you enjoy oral sex, then this is one of the gay sex positions for you. This entails you and your spouse providing reciprocal pleasure to each other. This approach is also ideal for those who enjoy playing fellatio. This look is all about satisfying the nipples. Naturally, the nipples are an erogenous zone for men.

Allow your spouse to lie flat on his back before squatting and hovering over his face, facing his nipples and penis. Then your spouse can reach forward with both hands and grasp your nipples while lowering his cock into your mouth. This is a delectable sex position for sides to explore. Squatting can be tiring, but you can simply rest your knees on either side of your partner's face. This would allow you to enjoy yourself for a longer period of time.


The Rocking Chair

You may probably guess what this role is about based on the title. We must tell you, however, that you must be installed and have - or be reasonably fit- before you attempt it. Based on the title, you can probably guess what this role is about. However, we must warn you that you must be installed and have - or be reasonably fit- before attempting it. Nothing turns you off sex faster than a chronic cramp caused by utilising a muscle that hasn't been used in years. This is true for both the top and bottom, as you both have a lot of work to accomplish. So increase your gym programme and stretch before you get into this; for this position, the top lies back and draws his knees up to his chest, spreading his legs so the top can sit back words between them, inserting the top's penis into himself as he does so.

When he's settled into a comfortable position and fully straddled the top, the bottom begins to rock back and forth. He has complete control of the angle of penetration in this position and can even lift himself up and down a few times. If the top is fit enough, he can shove upward as well, but we recommend that he simply lay back and enjoy the ride.



When it comes to this position, we believe that different strokes for different persons. It takes a lot of athleticism to do it well, but if you get the hang of it, you can wave goodbye to dull sex for at least a few weeks until you get weary, physically and metaphorically. You'll need a clean floor, a chair, and a top with a firm back for this position. The top must lie on the ground and balance his power legs on a chair while keeping his entire body in a straight line. The bottom then crosses his legs and inserts the top's penis into him. Now one or both parties can rock back and forth. The top thrusts his dick up and down by lifting and lowering his waist, while the bottom lifts and lowers his ass while rocking his torso back and forth; it's a complicated style, but one you should attempt if you enjoy experimenting.


Pile Driver

A flexible bottom is a must-have for this position. Aside from that, this is most likely one of the most intense and enjoyable positions for homosexual sex. So to speak, both the top and bottom are in their element. The bottom gets to lie back and enjoy maximal penetrative, while the top maintains complete control because he is responsible for thrusting. A medium-height couch or bed is required for this pose.

The bottom is on the ground, with their back to it. Their legs are lifted to a ninety-degree angle to his body. He widens his legs as the top squats over him, legs on either side of his torso. He then moves as if doing squats to avoid the bottom. He can also grab the bottom's legs and keep them open, allowing the bottom to massage his dick with one hand.


Pirate’s Bounty

If you're sick of connecting your back and legs together and twisting yourself like a rope, Pirate's Bounty involves little effort. All the bottom has to do is lie back on the ground or a bed, raise one leg and bend the other at an angle.

The top then kneels between his legs, facing him, and penetrates him from there. The top can hold the bottom's legs or thighs with one hand and lay one hand on his waist. He can also use one of his hands to touch his bottom and perhaps fondle his nipples. During intercourse, both lovers can see each other from this posture. They can even kiss with a little effort.



Jockey is one of the most straightforward yet intense gay sex positions we can think of. It's one of those hidden gems that captivates folks once they try it. The bottom basically sits flat on their front, while the top stretches across his body parallel to each other. The top then penetrates the bottom, causing him to lie with his front to the back of the bottom. He then positions himself on his forearms, elevating his body, and swings his hips up and down or forward and backward, whatever is more pleasurable for him and the bottom. The bottom's hands are normally free, but the position restricts him to grasping the sheets or a pillow. The depth and angle of the penetration are controlled by the top.



Because to the angle of penetration in this position, the top's cocktail usually rubs across the bottom's prostate, making sex hotter and more pleasurable.

The Screw is a cross between missionary and spooning, except instead of lying on his back with his legs wide as in missionary, he lies on his side with his legs closer together and knees bent. As a result, the top is in the missionary position, while the bottom is spooning. In this posture, the top penetrates the bottom.

Their hands are free, and they can do anything from choke to kiss.



This is a very sensual and personal position. It enables deep penetration. Keep in mind that the top has complete control over the bottom. The bottom is lying on his back, raising his knees, tucking them in towards his chest, and putting his feet together. The top then comes to life and penetrates him.

There are numerous sex positions available, and with a little research and practise, you'll be able to locate the ones that will spice up your sex life.

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