How to Build a Sex Room

How to Build a Sex Room

How to Build a Sex Room

A Step by step on creating your own unique space in your way

A Sex Room Can sound daunting or expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Just like with sex it’s good, to be honest, and open with yourself and your partner about what types of kinks you already like and some that you want to try. Building a sex room doesn’t mean you have to turn a room in your house upside down all it means is you create a safe and sensual space for you and your partner to explore the joys of sex safely and freely. For example, re-styling your bedroom in your home for more of a sensual feel can do wonders for your sex life. Even adding a few vibrators or costumes could also do the trick.

Step 1: Picking a room

Deciding on which room to give the ultimate makeover to can be tricky and daunting, as a lot of people would like their sex room to be kept a little secret from the world. This could mean turning your bedroom into a secret hidden oasis for you and your partner or finally getting around to that empty room in your house you’ve been saying ‘we should do something to this space’ or ‘what should we do with this room’.

Step 2: Making the room more sensual

After deciding on what room, you’d like to give a bit of spontaneity to it's time to decide on what type of style you want to go with. You could go with the more elegant style with lots of lighting, faux rugs, restraints, and a few sex toys just to start. Or you can drive straight into the deep end and turn the whole room upside down with a St Andrews cross, a tantra chair, a cage, and maybe even some wall-hanging restraints. Depending on your and your partner's style and preferences, you will want to base your sex room.

Step 3: Products

Now for the fun and enticing stuff, THE TOYS! Sex toys are a big part of a sex room they are used to explore your already found desires and to find new ones. If you a new to the idea of having a sex room and all that entitles then maybe you want to start slow, maybe with some cute fluffy handcuffs and a vibrator or perhaps a blindfold and a cock ring. Or as I was describing before you could try some of the harder styles like the ones I mentioned before you could try a few new products like the Flogging Bench, and Floggers, and you could even put a massage table in your room for both intimate and affectionate time with your partner.

Step 4: making that time to try out the room

Now that you’ve chosen the room, designed the esthetic, and picked the toys it’s time to spend some quality time with your partner trying out all your deepest desires and finding out your partners deepest desires.


The best thing about a sex room is that it’s by YOUR design, you get to choose what not to have or to have. There’s also something about having a secret sex room that’s just a little bit thrilling.


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