Have You Become More Sexually Creative During Lockdown?

Have You Become More Sexually Creative During Lockdown?

Lockdown has been challenging for all of us, but every cloud has a silver lining. In this blog we'll talk about lockdown, and whether or not it has actually boosted our sexual creativity.

It's been widely reported that for a lot of people lockdown has had a negative effect on their sex life. So for many people right across the globe, they've had to get a little bit creative in order to combat those lockdown sexual blues. So we have done a little bit of research and found the most popular ways in which people are getting sexually creative to keep the spark alive. Please see below to find out how sexually creative people have been getting during lockdown.


1). Nude Art Classes

One of the things people are enjoying is online nude art classes. The way this works is that you, or you and your partner, can log in, pay for a class, and enjoy a live nude art session. Now this is a great way to get in tune with the naked human form and make you more mindful of both yours and your partner's body.


2). Genital Cloning

Yep, you read the right - genital cloning!. Here’s how it works. There are products available out there such as a Clone-A-Willy kit, and also a Clone-A-Pussy kit, if willies aren't your thing. 

genital cloning - sexual creativity

Clone A Willy Vibrating Kit


Now, these are a fantastic way to literally and physically get creative sexually. You make a clone of your partner's genitals, and some kits even come with a vibrator so you can make a personalised sex toy in the comfort of your own home.


3). Role Play

Another way in which people are getting more creative sexually is to indulge in things like a role play. Now, role play is where you essentially pretend to be someone that you're not for the purposes of sexual gratification. Sexy school girls, sexy nurses, sexy kittens, French maids, Superman and Wonder Woman - you name it. 

role play - sexual creativity

For instance, one thing that really turns women on is a sexy firefighter. We have all seen the calendars featuring semi-naked firemen with ripped physiques and their muscles glistening with sweat. The rough and tumble look of a fireman can essentially just be a pair of yellow pants and a pair of red braces. 

However, this allows you to enjoy role play and indulge in a different type of sexual scenario. For example, a sexy kitten could be stuck up a sexy tree and rescued by the sexy firefighter. You’re really only limited by your imagination! Read more about the Top 5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies And Erotic Ideas.


4). Sexy Literature

Now the final way people have been getting sexually creative during lockdown, is through the art of literature, or sexy novels. Bloomsbury has reported a 60% rise in book sales during lockdown. And one of those genres is erotic fiction and romance novels. 

erotic novel for sexual creativity - sex and music

Sex and Music - Erotic Novel


Now, these are a fantastic way to come up with new sexual scenarios and ideas for what to do in the bedroom. There are tonnes of books available and lots of review sites. So get online, either by yourself or with your partner, have a look and see which stories tickle your fancy.

So there you have it, the top ways in which people are getting sexually creative during the lockdown. If you are looking for some sex toys or other products to help you get a bit more sexually creative, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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