Are Vibrators Good For Married People?

Are Vibrators Good For Married People?

Could you be one of the many people that think of their vibrator only as a highly pleasurable substitute for when their partner isn't around, or if they're living a single life at the moment? This sex toy can make magic in the bedroom, even when you're with a significant other.

Vibrators can make a couples' sex life more fun and exciting, even verified sex educators agree. In the beginning, you should know that demo-ing a toy gives your partner an idea of the strokes and touches your spouse really enjoys.

While you might be intrigued about bringing one between the sheets on a special occasion, you don’t need to save them for the ‘most important’ event. In a marriage, sex toys shouldn't be considered a novelty item, the spice in your marriage should, regularly, keep things interesting, you know? Take it from New York City-based certified sex educator Logan Levkoff, PhD.

For A More Heightened Sensation

Sex toys allow you and your spouse to bring an exciting sensation that might not be possible with tongues, fingers, and genitals alone. Think of sex toys as the sprinkles you add to an already delicious sundae. Sounds good to us!

For Pleasure While Pregnant

For most low-risk pregnancies, internal or external use of your vibrator is safe. In fact, these can all be great forms of stress relief, take your mind off some of the discomforts of pregnancy, and give you the opportunity to get to know your pregnant body.

Your baby is safely protected by the amniotic sac and uterine muscles. The mucus plug also seals the cervix and helps guard against infection. Rest assured, even during penetration, a penis or vibrator will not come into contact with your baby. You just need to remember to keep it clean to avoid infection, listen to your body when you feel discomfort, be alert and stop using the vibrator if your water breaks.

Vibrating Couples Cage - Fantasy Extensions

The vibrating couples cage is one of the best vibrators to use. It is comfortable, stretchy and easy to use. This fantastic sleeve will do more than just enhance your own experience. With the extra one inch (2.5cm) and attached vibrating, three-speed waterproof bullet, your partner will also experience new sensations and deeper love-making.  

It is perfect for men who have erection or performance issues as the tightly wrapped cage will help maintain you and allow for longer sessions for ultimate enjoyment.

Intense Pleasure Kit 8 Piece Couples Kit

Another one that has eight separate components in one glorious pleasure kit to maximise your couples’ play!  contains a snug and stretchy penis ring, delivers long-lasting performance and features a vibrating bullet for couples’ pleasure. 

The Intense Pleasure Kit has an erotic Ben Wa ball for extraordinary internal stimulation, and a delicately ribbed anal plug creates tantalising back door play with a tapered tip for easy entry.

Then go wild with four different sleeve shapes for your six-inch chrome vibe that transforms from traditional shape to rabbit tickler and from G-spot tip to tri-gasm glory with a simple switch of the sheath! Sensual inspiration abounds in this carefully curated collection of toys that allows couples to experiment and find their unique and extraordinary joy.

Didi Thruster Burst Vibrator

The Smooth shape and texture of the Didi Burst Vibrator are due to the liquid silicone seamless body making this pleasure product fully waterproof. It is ideal for harnesses. The Didi Thruster Burst Vibe is also fully USB rechargeable, so you can take your pleasure and enjoy it anywhere, so let it.

If you are looking for the best sex toys online to help you and your partner to try something new in your sex life, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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