Beginners Guide: How To Use A Sex Doll

Beginners Guide: How To Use A Sex Doll

You've made the decision to purchase a sex doll! Congratulations! It could be the most exciting and stimulating experience you've ever had! Furthermore, this article was written specifically for you!

Not just for you, mind you! If you haven't purchased a sex doll yet but are thinking about it, this handy beginner's guide on how to use a sex doll could be useful to you as well! As a result, here's our little cheat sheet on everything related to using a sex doll! After that, you can go forth with glee and get the most bang for your buck with your chosen sex doll!

How Do You Use a Sex Doll?

When it comes to having fun with your new toy, there are several options. This will be determined by the type of sex doll you purchase. For example, you could select a sex doll with one, two, or three holes (pussy, ass, mouth). Furthermore, you have the option of purchasing a sex doll torso or a full sex doll.

Choosing your sex doll is a very personal decision, so we won't bother you with recommendations. We'll simply show you how to use a sex doll, depending on which one you choose. In any case, you'll be able to live out your fantasies and enjoy blissful release whenever you want! This is undeniably true!

Vaginal Sex: How to Use a Sex Doll

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This is the most common type of sex experience with a sex doll. However, just like in real life, not all vaginas are created equal. As a result, it is entirely up to you to select the pussy that appeals to you the most. Each will look and feel different, so choose based on aesthetics, tightness, and sensation. It is very simple to use this type of sex doll, and it is exactly like having sex in real life. You simply penetrate the doll as you would a real person, creating the sensation of having actual sex. Can you enter the sex doll? You certainly can. However, deep sex doll cleaning and maintenance will be required before and after each use to prevent mold or bacteria from spreading. As a result, it's probably best if you don't share your doll.

Anal Sex: How to Use a Sex Doll

Do you want to try anal sex? Or perhaps you've done it before and couldn't think of anything more pleasurable than that tight sensation? Sex dolls have stepped in to help. So, when you're ready to go to Pound Town, remember to bring plenty of lubricant. This is due to the fact that the anal hole of a sex doll is extremely tight, and even though it has the ability to stretch, it may still cause friction.

After that, you can place your sex doll in the desired position, which is determined by the doll's height. You and the doll could either stand or bend over a surface. Keep in mind that your doll may not be able to withstand full body weight for an extended period of time. Another thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to anal sex, even with a sex doll, time is of the essence. Begin slowly, and once inside, take a moment to reflect. This is due to the fact that if done too quickly or anxiously, penile tissue may be damaged.

Oral Sex: How to Use a Sex Doll

Are you a blowjob fan who wishes every day was Steak and Blowjob Day? A dream realised! However, without a partner or fuck buddy, having a pleasurable blowjob may be out of the question! And this is where a sex doll with a pretty little sucking mouth comes in handy. The only significant difference between a real woman and a sex doll blowjob is that a sex doll requires lube. However, there are numerous advantages to getting a blowout from a sex doll! This sexy toy has no gag reflex and will not react when you finish inside her mouth! Yes, it was a good time!

Torso Sex Doll: How to Use a Sex Doll

A sex doll torso is a sex toy with no head, arms, or legs, but rather... only the good stuff! As a result, you can use whichever hole you want, as previously discussed, and your sex doll torso ivn whatever sex position you want. Because the torso of a sex doll is smaller, it is easier to clean and maintain. They're also typically less expensive than full-size sex dolls. Finally, unless used to spice up your relationship, sex doll torsos are easier to conceal!

Full Sex Doll: How to Use a Sex Doll

The same holds true for sex positions and oriffices, but a full sex doll comes with a variety of features and is an actual life-sized doll. You can then control every aspect, such as hair and eye colour, lips, and how they look. In short, you can make your sex doll attractive!

A full-size sex doll may be ideal for those who want to truly replicate the real girlfriend experience, those who want to have sex with someone who has a distinct appearance, and those who enjoy the idea of having a sex doll as companionship. You can then pose your doll in whatever way feels natural to you. Needless to say, you'll enjoy the intense sexual sensations regardless of which sex doll you choose. The beauty of having a sex doll or two is that they are all made differently, providing you with new and exciting feelings that can easily push you over the edge!

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