The Ultimate How-To Guide To Cloning Your Partner’s Penis With A Clone A Willy

The Ultimate How-To Guide To Cloning Your Partner’s Penis With A Clone A Willy

At one point or the other, we have all experienced the longing feeling of having our partner away either on work or business trips and wanting nothing more than to hold them close. Well, you might not be able to hold them, but you sure as hell can have a part of them with you. Cloning your partner’s penis is a sure-fire way to have them with you even while they are not there; that is why we’ve put together this guide to help you through the process.

Prepare The Mood And Set The Stage

The cloning process itself is a fairly straightforward process, but while all the main ingredients needed for cloning come in the Clone A Willy kit, the one thing that doesn’t is the penis to be cloned. The penis is the major tool, and for this process to work perfectly, it needs to be as erect as possible. It is best to engage in some form of foreplay to set the mood. You can try kissing, cuddling, or other forms of arousal that would get the attention of the little guy.

Cut The Mould Tube To The Right Size

Make sure your partner is still as hard as a rock, grab the mould tube from inside the kit and place it right next to their erect penis. What you want to do is to measure the right size but be sure to add at least an extra half inch for overflow and errors. This is because you don’t want a case where the tube is too short and mess up the process. After you’ve marked the spot, cut out the excess tube keeping the part with the measurement aside.

Begin The Mould Mixing

Taking out the mould powder and the thermometer in the kit, add about one ¾ cup of water into a bowl or mixer, whichever you prefer. Add warm water into the bowl using the thermometer to ensure the temperature doesn’t exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very important as a deviation in temperature can mess with the mould mixture. Proceed to mix for 45 seconds, after which you can pour the mixture into the tube you had cut out earlier.

Mould Your Desired Penis

Proceed to place the mould containing tube over your partner’s penis, and this is the hardest part (pun intended) of the whole process. This is because your partner has to remain hard and erect for 2 minutes. This allows for the shape and size of the penis to be well imprinted on the mould before it solidifies. After this time, you can remove the mould from the penis and leave it to sit for 2 to 4 hours.

Add The Silicone To The Tube

The kit comes with 2 containers of silicone. Mix both of them into a bowl with your preferred colour combinations. Be sure to mix properly, after which you can pour the silicone mixture into the hardened mould filling it all the way to the tip of the rigid mould.

Add The Vibrator To The Centre Of The Silicone

Pick up the vibrator skeleton from the kit and gently insert it into the centre of silicone, all while making sure it stays in place. After this comes the waiting period. The silicone requires about 24 hours to completely solidify, after which it is ready for use.

NOTE: Be sure to wash your dildo after the entire process before you use it to avoid any unwanted or loose fragments of mould and silicone.

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