How to use Bullet Sex Toys

How to use Bullet Sex Toys

How to use bullet sex toys


Want to get into sex toys but don't know where to begin? You can start with something small and compact like the bullet vibrator. A bullet vibrator is mostly for external use only if you’re looking for a bullet that can be used both internal and external then a product such as our ‘OYS Sensor Touch Strong Bullet


A bullet vibrator can be used to stimulate different parts of your body such as using it to stimulate your nipples or clitoris, it can also be used to stimulate males. Bullet vibrators are easy to use and hold, getting a bullet with a longer length is good for the sometimes tight spaces between bodies. 


Bullet vibrators are normally made from body-safe silicone and are waterproof to make for an easier cleaning time. When using a vibrator, we recommend pairing it with a water-based lubricant to make for a more comfortable time, water-based lubricant is designed for silicon-made toys. Bullet vibrators commonly have several speeds and pulse modes or are curved to fit your contours. You can also choose between battery-powered models or rechargeable ones.


After selecting the right bullet for you or you and your partner, find a comfortable position and explore your erogenous zones. Get comfortable with the vibrations and just get to know your or your partner's body, and just have fun. Afterward, make sure to always take care of your sex toys by washing them with water and using an anti-bacterial spray, and storing them away in a toy bag.


If you are looking for adult sex toys to help you broaden your sexual horizons, then please feel free to drop into one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help! Don't Be Shy, Be daring!

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