Dragon Dildos: The Essential Care And Cleaning Guide

Dragon Dildos: The Essential Care And Cleaning Guide

Every Bad Dragon dildo and masturbator is hand-poured and ships from here in the USA with the highest quality US-made, platinum-cured, body-safe silicones available. Silicone is quite durable, but it is not invincible! There are a few things you should know to ensure the long and usable life of your toy. To begin with, silicone does not appreciate being bitten or cut by sharp objects, and it does not respond well to abrasion with rough surfaces. This is because silicone rips render the toy prone to ripping.

Second, silicone and silicone-based lubes are incompatible. We advocate not allowing silicone lube to come into touch with your devices.

Third, silicone is sensitive to the materials used in some low-quality toys, such as vinyl and other comparable materials. We always recommend keeping Bad Dragon toys separate from other toys and avoiding allowing them to come into contact with one another. If you leave other brands of toys in contact with their Bad Dragon toys and you might experience a wide range of issues, including silicone breakdown, stickiness, odour and colour leakage, and other unwanted impacts.

Finally, some best practices:


  • Before using your new toy, properly clean it with soap and warm water.

  • With your toy, use high-quality water-based lubrication.

  • When you're done playing with your toy, make sure to carefully clean it to prevent the growth of bacteria and foreign debris on its surface. We recommend soap and warm water, although more harsh cleansers can also be effective as long as the item is well rinsed afterward. Try running it through the dishwasher for the utmost ease! For truly thorough cleaning, soak the toy in a 10% bleach-water solution for an hour, scrubbing it with a sponge to remove any solids). After cleaning, always thoroughly rinse and dry your toy.

  • Try to store your toys in a way that will keep them safe. Although Bad Dragon’s silicone is highly resilient, you should be careful not to let it touch or rest in anything corrosive or abrasive. Ziplock bags or clean, dry towels that are kept in a location where they won't be squashed or likely to have anything spilled on them are what we advise. If you have a lot of Bad Dragon toys, you might want to get a toy box. Once more, be careful to keep them away from other brands or categories of toys when keeping them.

  • It's crucial to carefully clean your toy after each use to avoid the growth of bacteria and unwanted objects on its surface. Warm water and soap are what we advise using, however, harsher cleansers can also be effective if the item is completely cleaned afterward. Try running it through the dishwasher for the utmost in ease! Try cleaning it for an hour in a 10% bleach-water solution, being sure to scrub the toy with a sponge to get rid of any solids. After cleaning, always rinse and dry your toy thoroughly.


How to use a toy with a Cumtube

Bad Dragon offers a unique feature called cumtube that, anytime you want it, simulates a large, wet, sticky orgasm from your partner. To achieve this, the toy has a tube in the middle that allows you to pour thick, viscous Cumlube (or conventional lube, if you can find some with the correct viscosity) down and out of the tip. Bad Dragon launched a lube known as Bad Dragon Cumlube that was especially created to work with this feature. It is perfect for use with toys that have a cumtube because of its stringy consistency, cum-like colour, and sticky texture. It weighs 8 ounces (250 ml), and it comes free with every toy purchased with a cumtube.It's crucial to completely clean out the contents of the cumtube when cleaning your cumtubed toy. Although the toy is made to be simple to clean, you must take care to avoid allowing any used cumlube (or worse) to coagulate and dry out in the toy's center or in the tube. The cumtube should be thoroughly cleaned out by flushing it with warm, soapy water, or if you really want to be thorough, a 10% bleach solution or baby bottle sterilising mixture. After cleaning, don't forget to completely rinse the cumtube!


How to care for a penetrable toy

As indicated before, nicked or cut silicone will continue to rip. Please do not overstretch your toy or allow anything sharp (such as fingernails) to come into touch with it to avoid it splitting or tearing.

In addition to the basic toy maintenance guidelines, we have a few additional suggestions for cleaning your penetrable toys. We recommend flushing the toy with warm water by pressing the aperture at the opposite end of the toy against a regular water tap or tap. Remember to gently finger the inside to ensure that the water thoroughly cleans everything. Immerse the toy in a 10% bleach-water solution for an hour after washing it out using the aforementioned approach, making sure to completely rinse it afterwards. After cleaning, allow your toy to air dry completely.

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