The Cowgirl vs. The Sybian

The Cowgirl vs. The Sybian

You deserve a standing ovation. (That's right, Dear Reader!). The decision to purchase a sex machine is something to be celebrated. After all, purchasing a sex machine is an investment in your own enjoyment! However, once you've decided to buy a sex machine, you'll need to figure out which one. The Cowgirl and The Sybian are arguably the two most popular alternatives. But which of the two is superior? Continue reading for a side-by-side comparison of the world's two most popular sex machines in five key categories.


The Cowgirl vs. The Sybian: How Do These sex machines Compare?


1. Design

Listen, aesthetic preferences are entirely subjective. However, a brief glance at the two machines reveals that The Cowgirl is the more opulent alternative. The Cowgirl is known as the Cadillac of sex machines, which should come as no surprise given that it includes several luxurious design aspects that other sex machines on the market, including the Sybian, do not. The cushioned sides of The Cowgirl are the most noticeable luxury desire characteristic. Transparently, riding a sex machine can do a number on your thighs in a matter of minutes (mind alone hours!). The Cowgirl's built-in plush padding where your thighs go reduces the possibility of pain, allowing you to ride for as long as you desire. Is it a marathon sex session? The Cowgirl is also covered in soft-to-the-touch high-quality vegan leather. Not only will your thigh muscles appreciate you, but so will your thigh skin. Yum!


2. Rotation & Vibration RPMs

Sex machines are not for the faint of heart, hoo-ha, or hinney. You're buying a sex machine because you know that intensity is what turns you on. After all, the larger the toy, the larger the engine. The larger the motor, the greater the orgasm. The Sybian and The Cowgirl are both all-caps STRONG. However, whereas The Sybian can vibrate at up to 6,000 beats per minute, The Cowgirl can vibrate at up to 6,500 beats per minute, making The Cowgirl the clear choice for intensity seekers. The two machines also have slightly different vibrational qualities. The Cowgirl machine offers a slightly deeper vibration with a greater "base" than the competition. That means if you’re someone who enjoys more rumbly vibrators (for instance: wand vibrators), The Cowgirl is your best bet.


3. Key Features

Long-distance fans will appreciate the fact that The Cowgirl may also be managed via the Cowgirl Smartphone App. This enables you (or your spouse!) to remotely control the machine from anywhere in the world, even if it is thousands of miles away.


4. Ease of Use

Some pleasure toys have more buttons than a DJ mixer, giving the impression that you need a damned degree in technological sciences to use them properly and experience their full capacity. To put it bluntly, this is not great! The good news for prospective sex machine owners is that both The Sybian and The Cowgirl are simple to operate. Both come with a control system that includes an easy-to-use on/off switch as well as turn dials that control the vibration intensity and rotation capabilities.


5. Price

True, both gadgets are investments in your enjoyment. Both machines typically easily cost four digits. A sex machine, by definition, will be more expensive than the vast majority of sex toys on the market. So, take this as a lesson that you should definitely invest in your enjoyment. Pleasure, far from being a frivolous expenditure, is what makes life worthwhile.

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