Condoms: AKA Prophylactic, Male Condom, Rubber, Franger, Jimmie-Hat, Love Coat, Willie Warmer.

Condoms: AKA Prophylactic, Male Condom, Rubber, Franger, Jimmie-Hat, Love Coat, Willie Warmer.

Why Use Condoms?

There are 27 known Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in the world and it’s estimated that one in three people have, or will contract, an STD. Some never even realise they have one.

A limited amount of STDs are treatable once correctly diagnosed, but many have no known cure and can cause long-term health problems.

Abstaining from sexual activity with another person is the only sure way to never be exposed to STD’s, but that’s no fun and unrealistic for most, so the next best way to preventing STD’s is to use condoms each time you have sex. Condoms are also an excellent contraceptive, and currently the only contraceptive that males can use.

What Are Condoms?

Condoms create a strong, thin barrier to prevent bodily fluids from mixing. Most condoms are made from latex, a naturally derived product from the rubber tree. Although latex condoms are suitable for use by the majority of people, there is a small percentage who have an allergy to latex. Be Daring stocks non-latex condoms, such as Skyn, which are made from a polyurethane material, and work the same as latex condoms.


SKYN Elite - Ultra-thin and ultra-soft for an exceptionally sensitive feeling

Wear And Tear

An unfortunate misconception around condoms is that, if one is good, two must be better. This is exceptionally untrue. Wearing more than one condom at a time drastically increases the chances of breakage or condom failure. Condom failure means that it tears or breaks during use and exposes both persons to possible STD’s and/or pregnancy. 

Condoms also have a shelf life and it is important to check the expiration date on packaging prior to use. Like any material, the quality of latex diminishes over time. Using a condom past its expiry date dangerously increases the likelihood of the condom failing.

A wallet or back pocket is not a good place to store your condoms.  They need to be stored in a dry, cool place and away from sunlight.  Being carried around in a wallet or pocket can expose the condom to sharp objects or other hazards and tear the packaging.

For this same reason, condom packaging should not be opened using teeth or anything else that could accidently rip or damage the condom. Gently tearing open the package with your hands is the safest option.

Choosing The Right Condoms

Lubricant choice is important as not all lubricants are safe to use with latex and condoms.  Water or silicone-based lubricants are best.  Do not use oil or petroleum-based products, because not only do these interfere with the condom, but they also tend to increase the chances of vaginal infections.

Another consideration (plus an interesting fact) is that most condoms aren’t vegan. To help lessen friction, reduce breakages, and increase comfort, manufacturers use a milk protein called casein. This product can also be an allergen. To combat this, there are a variety of vegan/casein-free condoms on the market.


Jonny Vegan Friendly Condoms, better to have and not need than need and not have....

There are condoms for all shapes and sizes, and they come in many flavours, textures, and colours, but there is only one ‘rule’ when it comes to using them: It is important that you do not use a condom that is too big or too small. If it is too big, it could slip off.  If it is too small, it is much more likely to tear or snap.  

Condoms are measured in millimetres of the flattened width, or half of the diameter (also called the nominal width), not the length.  If you’re finding that a condom is not long enough, you can use a penis ring to secure it at the base.

Fun fact! Condoms go through rigorous testing and quality control. One of these tests is to randomly select a number of condoms from a batch and inflate them to 6 feet tall (approx. 180cm).  If any burst at or before this length, they discard the entire batch.

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Complimentary Products For Condoms:

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