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Ansell SKYN Intense Feel Condoms

Ansell’s SKYN Intense Feel Condoms are designed with ‘waves’ of raised dots to tantalise the most sensitive parts of you. Lubricated, and made with SKYNFEEL material, these condoms are easy to get on and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Containing no latex, SKYN Intense Feel Condoms are ideal for those sensitive to latex, or anyone who enjoys the closeness and protection of a sheer condom.
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Made with SKYNFEEL material SKYN’s Intense Feel condoms feel like there’s nothing at all. Designed with a series of ‘waves’ of raised dots that are positioned to rub you just the right way, Ansell SKYN Intense Feel Condoms will show you just how pleasurable protection can be. Each pack of Ansell SKYN Intense Feel Condoms carries 10 lubricated condoms for optimum comfort.

Ansell SKYN Intense Feel Condom is made from synthetic polyisoprene. This means that they contain no Latex for people who suffer from allergies or sensitivities. The SKYNFEEL material means that they feel similar to human skin and are thin enough that you can both feel everything while being strong enough to protect. Providing you and your partner with protection has never been more fun!

Ansell SKYN Intense Feel Condoms are highly effective against pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs. Each item is manufactured to the highest international standards. The expiry date on each wrapper indicates how long each condom will perform to these highest standards, for your peace of mind. Ansell’s SKYN Intense Feel condoms are latex free, have a regular fit, with a nominal width of 53mm, a sheer feel, a reservoir tip, and are dotted for your comfort and pleasure. Treat yourself and your partner to more enjoyable sex today!

Key Features and Benefits

  • 10 Intensely dotted Non Latex Condoms.
  • Straight form and reservoir end.
  • Natural colour
  • Lubricated
  • Waves of raised dots for added pleasure
  • SKYNFEEL material for a barely there feel
  • Lubricated for ease of use
  • Highly effective against pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs for peace of mind


  • ARTG Listing Number: 92890
  • 53mm nominal width
  • Material: Synthetic Polyisoprene (Latex Free)
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