The Autoblow AI Has Landed!

The Autoblow AI Has Landed!

It’s times like this that I can believe the future has come to us. If you haven’t heard about the Autoblow before, where have you been living? (but also check out previous models here to catch up on this amazing technology). 

Some genius by the name of Brian Sloan took a look at all of the ways technology has helped us live more comfortable lives and noticed a gap. Phones, microwaves, and cars are all well and good, but what about sex toys?

Noticing a gap in the market when it came to male masturbators, Sloan set out to fill it. While there are many styles of toys that can be stroked along the penis and a few that will do the stroking for you, Sloan found that they were all a bit… mechanical. There was no variety to their movements. It just didn’t feel like the true recreation of sex.


The Autoblow 2 XT is the ultimate in blowjob experience, new and improved for an extra tight feeling


The Science Of A Blowjob

The solution to this has taken a few iterations, but has finally achieved perfection with the Autoblow AI. Over 100 hours of blowjob porn was watched to gather the data that was then scientifically analysed to identify 9 areas of blowjob action. All of this has then been used to construct the future of blowjob machines.

In their words, “It combines a microcontroller with an infrared beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to manipulate a fleshy sleeve across 250 different points along a 5-inch stroking plane.”


A Unique Experience Each Time

In our, hopefully, simpler terms, those different blowjob techniques are included as options 1 through 9 while option 10 is where the fun really starts. This option uses the previous 9 methods randomly to provide a completely unique experience each time. So just like a real-life blowjob, it will never be the same thing twice.


Autoblow A.I.’s sleeve system lets you turn your blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves.

To make things even better, this model has a pause button. This means that right when everything is getting too much, you can hit pause and give yourself a breather right before jumping back in again at the same movement and speed as before. Edge-play anyone?

To top it all off, the sleeves are interchangeable with each opening (mouth, vulva, anus) with each having a different internal sleeve texture. Like other versions of the Autoblow, the AI system runs off a wall socket. No worrying about battery life, just plug and play.


Final Thoughts

To find out more about this amazing new step in technology or any other sex toys drop in to one of our stores or call us on 1800 666 069.

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