Working in an Adult Shop

Working in the Adult Industry. By: Amber 

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The Adult Industry.

Working in the adult industry I get asked a lot of questions. Whether it’s about products or just the industry in general I have a lot to answer too. Every shift I am having to break taboos and explain how our bodies really work. In this blog I’m going to answer some of those questions.

Do you get many creeps in?

No. Not once has a creepy old man in a trench coat come in. Most people that come in are the same people you get in any retail industry. This is anyone who has just turned 18, to people well into their senior years.

Doesn’t it get awkward or embarrass you?

No. If these things embarrassed us we wouldn’t be working here. This job may not be for everyone but it can be done. We emphasise that sex shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed by and there is no judgement in our store.

Everything is handled professionally and with discretion.

Do people really use that?

The answer is simply that we do not sell anything that doesn’t sell regularly. Whether if people insert gigantic dildos in their bodies is none of our business, though if you do, use lots of lube. I don’t know if its normal but…? Yes that’s normal. I get all sorts of questions like “Is it normal that I’ve never masterbated or had an orgasm before?” That’s perfectly normal. Unfortunately since masterbation is a taboo, many people don’t explore their bodies. If you don’t explore your own body, you won’t find out what you like and what will make you cum during masterbation or sex.

However we do have a team of friendly staff that can help. Don’t feel ashamed of tending to your needs, come in store and see what the adult retail industry is like for yourself.

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