What Is Pony Play

Pony Play (PP) is a specific form of BDSM fantasy role play that incorporates Dominant and submissive roles as well as clothing, items and props to cater to the roles of pony and trainer/rider/groomer.

In the simplest of terms the submissive player takes on the role of the pony including, but not necessarily limited to, wearing bridles, butt plugs with beautiful long pony tails attached, saddles, dressage plumes (feathers), hooved shoes, leather or PVC/latex pony masks and other pony-esque paraphernalia.

Depending on the sort of play that has been agreed upon, the Dominant player takes on the role of Trainer/Groomer/Rider incorporating whips and crops, training routines, carriages and even showing their ponies in “dressage” competitions and parades. Despite the fact that the players both enjoy pony play and the roles they take on, Pony Play is not associated with bestiality and neither parties are sexually aroused by actual ponies or horses. In fact, Pony Play quite often has no “sexual” element at all (as in actual sexual intercourse or intimate touching), and the satisfaction gained by them is very similar to other non-sexual forms of BSDM - Power and control and the giving up of them. Sometimes ponies are “mated” with other ponies for “studding” but this is a form of play that is, like all BDSM, discussed and arranged between the pony and their Trainer.

The three most common forms of ponies are:

Cart ponies.

These players will usually be upright (on two feet, most often hooved) with their hands tied behind them, and attached to a cart which they transport their Trainer in. They are often very well adorned and used to show the elegance and authority of their Trainer.

Riding ponies.

Most often on all fours and saddled to carry their Trainer, although they can also carry their Trainer on their shoulders. This act can be quite a strain on a pony’s shoulders so it is definitely a negotiated act and one that is not often utilised for long periods of time.

Show ponies.

Often the most decorated and adorned ponies, with plumes of feathers and elegant dressage. They prance preen and show off how well trained they are as a mark of respect for their Trainer. The pony’s Owner takes on the role of Owner, Rider, Groomer and Trainer, although some people like to delegate these roles to other Dominants, so an Owner may ride and Groom their pony, but pass the Training on to someone else, or other combinations of the above. It is, like all forms of BDSM, carefully negotiated with all parties involved and quite often contracts are drawn up between them all so that the roles are defined and agreed and adhered to. Although it’s enjoying a surge in popularity in recent times, Pony Play is not a new form of play at all. According to some historians Aristotle was a keen pony and enjoyed being ridden, and in some circles the play is actually referred to as “The Aristotlean Perversion”. It’s also been depicted in art that dates back to 2000BC and has been written about in many ancient texts.

So if you’re curious and interested in the play, there are many different websites, books, and internet groups that can help you start your journey, and at BeDaring we have started our pony collection with some fabulous pony tail plugs, well-crafted whips and crops, and other items for your enjoyment! Come in and see us, or check us out online today, and start your journey into the stables of fun!

Written By: Eva Sless

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