Tightening Your Anal Muscles

When it comes to anal play, some people like to experiment and play with toys that become progressively larger over time – ending in the XL to Extreme range. These larger toys offer a much more pronounced sensation of fullness, but used incorrectly can lead to permanent stretching in the area or other ill effects such as: internal tearing, rectal prolapse, anal leakage or other embarrassing and other slow healing issues.

The best preventative and recovery strategy would be exercise. Anal Muscles, like pelvic floor muscles, can be tightened with varying exercise regimes to strengthen the interior region and offer lasting results – in most cases preventing long term suffering or potentially embarrassing visits to the doctor. There are differing regions that can be exercise which include interior strengthening and external, which can offer different results, these also increase the intensity and sensation of anal sex for both parties involved.

A seasoned toy user would just need to find the appropriate sized toy/plug and hold it in or repeatedly tighten and release the muscles around it to strengthen them over time – as strength increases a smaller sized toy can be substituted. There are varying schools of thought whether relatively firm, soft or hollow toys are the best for this kind of exercise. It is all about resistance training; firmer toys are easier to feel, but only let the muscles work to a certain point then they are relatively redundant. A softer toy offer less sensation but more resistance so it would be more beneficial in the long run. Alternatively a tunnel plug or the like could be used as they are a better indicator of muscle strength/ force exerted on the toy.

Other things to keep in mind would be:

The appropriate amount and type of lube used for anal play can make the world of difference. A desensitising or a silicone based lube always works best. Prevents drying out, catching and tearing of sensitive tissue.

Hygiene – toys should always be cleaned after use and also rinsed prior to use. Due to the nature of the area, warm water (gentle soap, if any) and antibacterial toy cleaner should be used to prevent all the usually nasties growing on/ destroying your toys. And finally a generic toy use point - start small and gentle, nothing too big too fast or too rough.

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