The Age of the iGasm

The Age of the iGasm!  

I’ll have what she’s Bluetoothing! by Aaron Ingram

Ah, the 21st Century. In this modern age of convenience, one can hardly imagine life without smartphones, internet banking or those blessed little robots that do the vacuuming (whilst I watch regally with a mimosa in hand). Indeed, in this age of marvels, when I now possess the ability to switch on my air conditioner, oven, fridge or DVR from the convenience of just about anywhere; surely, it is inconceivable that those light bulb groupies in Adult Toy R & D haven’t applied simular technology to the humble vibrator?

Well prepare to be amazed, the future is now...enter Chorus by We-Vibe with new, control- from-anywhere, App interface for Smartphone. Yes, you did not misread, the Chorus by We-Vibe can now be controlled from the comfort of your palm—a room, a city or even a continent away.

The addition of five App-exclusive vibration modes plus the bonus vibration customisation setting means those texting thumbs are sure to get a workout. For anyone unfamiliar with We-Vibe, this Canadian designed technological wonder is not only the world’s most popular couples’ Adult Toy, but has been the most talked about vibrator since some bright spark put rabbit ears on a motor!

Worn by the woman during sex, the Chorus by We-Vibe (as with earlier models) features two powerful motors that are moulded into the hypo-allergenic, bio-compatible silicone casing. Chorus by We-Vibe is designed to hug the contours of the vagina and allow for comfortable and stimulating penetration. The device, extending in an elongated C-shape caresses both the Clitoris and the G-spot in either simultaneous or alternating vibration modes that can be operated by an equally ergonomic remote control (if not the App). The entire device sits discreetly into an enclosed induction-charge case and is connected via USB for convenient, hassle-free charging.

Indeed, hardly a dinner party goes by somewhere in the world without one glowingly content couple divulging the new secret to their sexual success. Even before the host can say “second helping,” the rest of the guests are shovelling down their dessert course and hastily clambering out the door, eagerly alighting to their favourite Adult Shop. Such has been the almost mania-like success of We-Vibe, the addition of an App Interface and Bluetooth will surely transcend the expectations of both conceiver and consumer alike.

Thus, let it be said, that with one delicious device the human race entered the Age of iGasm. As couples everywhere confront those unavoidable necessities of life which may keep them in separate bedrooms, the Chorus by We-Vibe will surely be a welcome addition to any lovemaking—long distance or otherwise. And just think, next time you see someone eagerly banging away at their Smartphone, they may just be the cause of an Earth-shattering orgasm in deepest, darkest Peru.


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