Swings and Slings

Passionate Play: How to Incorporate Toys in the Bedroom.

Toys can be a great investment whether it's just for you, or for you and your partner to play with. After all we as humans are not perfect. Our hands cramp and our jaws get tired, so a toy can keep going and provide that constant stimulation when we cannot. Though it can difficult to incorporate toys in the bedroom. After all who is going to hold the vibrator when your hands are already busy? Thankfully we have some toys specially designed to solve this problem.

We Vibes and Fun Factory.

We Vibes are great for couples who aren't big on toys, but still want something to spice things up. There non invasive and specially designed to be worn during sex, so both you and your partner feel the vibrations. This toy is also highly versatile as its hands free and can be virtually be used in any of your favourite positions. Not to mention its whisper quiet and discreet. You can easily enjoy dual stimulation without noisy, bulky vibrators.

Strap On Butterflies.

Strap on Butterflies work on a similar concept as We-Vibes, though they only provide clitoral stimulation. Again this hands free device is easy to add to your routine while giving it that extra kick. Simply strap the butterfly on and away you go! They're also great if your on a budget and new to toys.

Swings and Slings.

For those feeling more adventurous, I present you sex swings and slings. You can experiment a variety of positions without being a gymnast. Our sex swings and slings are incredibly strong, and yes they do work, as long as you have a strong door. Swings are great to not only try new positions, but also include toys. Now that you already have her tied up, your hands are free to play and explore all the areas you know and love. These are just some of the toys available that are made to be easy to use, and hands free.

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