Revelations of working for an Adult Retailer

by Victoria. BeDaring Marketing Dept

After leaving school and attending university it had never crossed my mind that I would work within the allied Adult Industries, but after life takes it’s twists and turns I found myself attending marriage guidance counseling where the counsellor recommended visiting an Adult Shop to spark things up. Having being bought up in a fairly religious family discussions of visiting an adult store or adult toys in general had never crossed the family dinner table and the primary task became to find a retailer that made women feel welcome. A friendly, non-judgemental and informative store that could guide us through the myriad of product available and give a primary starting point.

We were lucky to be living in Queensland and found in our local area Be Daring The Adult Shop. Be Daring quickly became our adult store of choice with an exceptional staff ready to inform us of what was available and what best suited our needs. After being a customer for a decade I joined their staff at head office in their marketing department. Admittedly the first few months saw the new web programmer and I giggling like 12 year olds over large amounts of stock arriving from all over the world.

The stock standard vibrators, the ever popular Rabbit Vibrators, suction dongs, penis rings and the innovative Couples Toys, such as the We-Vibe Chorus and triple blaster, (both which are staples in my own personal collection).
Working within marketing I quickly gained insight into the owners primary vision for their Adult Stores. They primarily believed in keeping couples relationships strong. Keeping the primary adults in a relationship strong keeps families together and keeping families together and parents together gives a strong foundation for children. Witnessing a successful primary relationship in our childhood is something you carry into adulthood. I can testify to this with my grandparents being married for over 60 years and my parents had been married for 46 years when my father past.

When I first visited Be Daring a decade earlier something happened which has never left my mind. It wasn’t just about the product, it opened a line of communication we thought to be lost. It bought the excitement and anticipation back, it gave us sense of stepping into a secret adult world, a secret only we shared and we loved it! Next came telling the closest friends I was working for an Adult Store. The initial gasps of shock, the questions over how could you work in something so seedy and yes, there were those I have never really seen again, but humans are innately curious when it comes to sex and slowly they began to ask questions. They gasped and giggled at the product available (of which they have all now made purchases) and many a girlfriend months after giving birth delighted in the discovery of vaginal tightening creams and orgasm gels or learning that a small amount silicone lubricant brushed through your hair does wonders at taming fly away ends to create a silky smooth do!

Lets not mention too loudly an industry secret that a small amount of vaginal tightening cream dabbed under the eyes has a similar effect in smoothing wrinkles as an eye lift cream but costs considerably less or the cosmetics companies may be a little peeved. I have loved every minute of working with Be Daring and as I say to my friends seedy is not a word I could associate with this company. As a woman I have always felt comfortable in their stores and discussing our needs with staff. Many times I have been in store with new staff being trained to find customers tagged on the end listening and selecting the items being discussed. One woman in store did just that and confessed afterwards she had popped in just to take a look after finding herself newly single and ended up with a basket of items after she had become fascinated with the store managers knowledge whilst conducting an hour long training session.

Be Daring doesn’t just cater for couples. Our extensive premier range means catering for beginners, singles, same sex couples and heterosexual couples alike. As stated earlier the biggest difference I found with Be Daring was their non-judgemental attitude. Their staff are dedicated to making sure you have the right product and you can enjoy the experience safely and with respect to both partners. I discovered you can be spiritual and add sex toys to your relationship, that they don’t replace a partner they add to the sexual experience, you can push boundaries safely and respectively and I actively encourage everyone I know to take some time to Be Daring because your pleasure is their business.

Be Daring has 3 bricks and mortar stores in Queensland in Caboolture, Bokarina, and Chermside as well as an online store at which accepts credit card, AfterPay, ZipPay and direct Bank deposits for payment of orders. Trading 7 days a week you can always place a phone order or talk to a staff member for advice by calling 1800 666 069.

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