Rethinking 'Normal': The Rising Appeal of Open Relationships

open relationships

While there is still little endorsement for open relationships in the general community, many people are wondering if humans are fated to be monogamous? And it’s no wonder we’re wondering.

Current Trends in Traditional Marriages

Marriage is becoming less fruitful and progressively scarcer than it used to be. As of 2010, 43% of marriages in Australia concluded in divorce and in the US, there are half a million fewer marriages executed per year than there were in the 80’s. 

Within marriage, imbalance of gender roles still sees women carrying out most of the domestic work irrespective of job status and some findings reveal imbalanced household labour is a major divorce contributor.

During separation, archaic laws see duos unfairly hampered with great financial penalties in times of extreme economic recession, and gender bias sees men losing the bulk of contact with their children.

There are many benefits to marriage, for example, married men have better health outcomes than solitary men, and married couples achieve monetary security faster than single persons. However, a snowballing quantity of folks believe the appalling consequences of divorce, and the probability of facing separation, overshadow the possible benefits of a marriage that does persist.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Marriage

Relationship specialists say that non-exclusive individuals are inclined to disregard their desires in a relationship. Their drive for doing this can be; conforming to societal burdens and evasion rejection by a monogamous partner.

Individual Needs vs Societal Expectations

If you need an open relationship, then you must instantly evaluate your present relationship and determine how sexually companionable you are together. If your partner requires marriage, enduring commitment or monogamy, and you want the opposite, then your relationship is unlikely to work out.

And although overlooking your wishes can get you by in the short term it can cause catastrophic long-term after-effects. For instance, feelings of being trapped, anger and resentment can brew. Or worse, cheating down the line can shock and devastate a partner who desires exclusivity.

Be realistic with yourself and work out if ‘what’s normal for everyone is normal for you’. If it’s not, then act accordingly and avoid the penalties of not being true to yourself.

Data Insights: Comparing Open and Monogamous Relationships

If you need support making the jump, the facts might be of assistance. A recent study has revealed key insights into open relationships. Results demonstrated that persons in open relationships are just as content or happier than monogamous people. It also uncovered that non-monogamous people encounter less jealousy, and possesses exceptional levels of gratification and trust when compared with partnered people.

Potential Pitfalls in Open Relationships

Be honest with yourself. Are you considering an open relationship as an exit strategy from a relationship that’s not working? This is the wrong reason to start an open relationship with someone and is not a good idea! Are you doing it to keep a relationship going or to avoid breaking up? This too is a bad reason to begin an open relationship! Are you doing it because it feels right or natural to you and to your partner? Great, this gives it the best possible chance of working!

Guidelines for Successful Open Relationships

You must ALWAYS prioritise your primary partner if you have one. When meeting someone new, people can become over enthralled, excited and almost obsessed with the new relationship.  When this happens, remember not to take your primary partner for granted and continue to show them you love them! 

It's important to keep the spark alive in your primary relationship as well. Exploring sex toys for couples can be a great way to keep the intimacy strong and show them you still care!


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