Question’s You’ve wanted to ask a Male Escort!

Question’s You’ve wanted to ask a Male Escort!

‘In all honesty, George has the capacity to make you feel like the most beautiful and special woman in the whole wide world - and that's just with his smile and eyes!’

- George Goulburn’s Client Testimony


From a marketing professional to being a Male Escort, George Goulburn has had quite a journey. We ask George Question’s  You Always Wanted to Ask a Male Escort

How did you become an Escort?

The thought of being an escort had been on my mind for around 10 years, but the timing just didn’t seem right. I was made redundant from my day job last year and there had been some media coverage about male escorts, so fairly quickly I decided that it was time to make it happen.

What’s your typical client like?

Every client is unique, but there are often similarities. In many cases they’ve been out of a relationship for a number of years and have lacked the intimacy and companionship they crave. Dating apps can be incredible time-consuming and disappointing, so turning to a professional can help them regain their confidence and be assured of a wonderful experience, sexually and otherwise.

What are some of your go-to questions you ask a client on a first date?

I always communicate with a client before the date and insist on a phone call. That helps to start to get to know each other and make them feel at ease. I’m a naturally inquisitive person, so will ask them what it was that made them seek out an escort. That often leads them to share something about their back story and helps me start thinking about how I can deliver something that’s tailored to their needs. When we meet in person, it usually feels like there’s already a good connection and things evolve very naturally. I’m never short of questions so will follow my intuition and see where the conversation leads us.

What are the most common misconceptions about escorts?

That we’re emotionally messed up, struggling to get by, perhaps we have drug issues and are only doing it for the money. I’m pleased to say that none of those are true for me.

What do you like best about your work?

The absolute joy I feel when I see the positive impact I’ve made on my clients. In many cases, the delight they feel afterwards is hard to put into words. They’re often in a state of bliss and feel on top of the world. As my testimonials show, it’s as though I’ve given them the time of their lives and rebuilt some part of themselves that’s been missing for so long. That’s priceless for me.

Is anything off-limits for you?

Sexually, yes, I have my boundaries and limits, which I’ll raise with the client beforehand or during the date if required. I won’t tolerate women who are racist, sexist or who have strong views that go against my values. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced anything like that before which is due, in part, to how I’ve explained myself very clearly on my profile and my communication before the date.

What have you learned about sex and human connections since you started working in the industry?

So much! While I’d been single and dating for the better part of 10 years and am very adept at engaging deeply with women, the exchange of sex as a service definitely raises the stakes. There’s a real need for the services an escort provides. Most of my clients are lonely and aching for affection – holding hands, hugging and feeling seen and heard. Humans are social creatures, and a lack of intimacy goes against our instincts. For women who don’t have that, an escort can provide a unique experience where they can be completely themselves and it’s beautiful to witness and be a part of.

What does an average session with a client involve?

Every situation is totally unique, and I spend a lot of time beforehand to understand their interests, background and desires. In most cases, the client doesn’t really know what they want, and rely on me lead the way. I’ll often check in to ensure they’re comfortable, relaxed and enjoying themselves. In most cases it’s pretty clear they’re having an amazing time!

How often do you see couples? And what do you do with them?

I do in certain circumstances, but it requires more communication. If the male has contacted me, I’ll insist on also communicating with the woman to check their motivations are the same. I’m clear that I’m totally straight, so won’t be sexually interacting with the man whatsoever.

What I do with them depends on the experience they’re seeking. Some men love watching their partner being pleasured by a professional, others like to join in. I’m very experienced in threesomes, foursomes and moresomes J, so if the guy wants to participate, we’ll treat the woman like a goddess, showering her in pleasure. In other cases, the man will learn a thing or two by watching me with his partner.

Any interesting stories you can share?

Discretion is incredibly important in this business, but what I can say is that in every case to this point, I have so much fun! The connection I have with my clients is intense and magical, filled with laughter and joy, sexual abandon and an ability to be free. It’s definitely not a one-sided experience for me. If the client wants to see me again, that’s superb, but if not, that’s 100% fine too.

 Any tips you would like to share with people looking to hire an escort or become one?

For anyone thinking of becoming an escort, seriously think about your motivations. If you just want to make a quick buck or have a quick f#$k, you won’t last. It takes a great deal of compassion, tenderness, self-awareness and excellent communication skills to succeed.

If you’re considering hiring an escort, you’re halfway there. Read escort profiles thoroughly to get a sense of the who they are, how they present themselves and if it resonates with what you have in mind. Get in touch with them and ask any questions you have. Keep in mind that EVERY client contacting an escort for the first time is nervous. It’s completely natural.

As my favourite author, Mark Twain once said, "Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile."

 Last, but not the least! What are your top 3 favourite sex toys?

The three toys I’d choose are:

  • A blindfold. It’s simple, non-threatening for newbies to adventurous play, and adds a new dimension to allowing a woman to let go and relinquish control.
  • The Womanizer is incredibly popular and for good reason. The experience of a woman’s clit being sucked by it has launched a million orgasms!  
  • For a more adventurous experience, I love using under-bed restraints. I’m a huge fan of taking control and allowing the client to feel like they’re being taken in many different ways.



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