Meeting "Your" Needs


"I'm just looking!"

"That's Fine - I just said HI.  I have heaps in here for you to look at :). You just let me know if there is  anything I can locate for you.  I'll come over an a few minutes and see if anything has caught your eye."

This exchange happens multiple times daily for me.  I understand that people do just want to look, but you have made the effort to come into my store and I am here to help you.  I have over 10000 products in my store and I can help you to narrow it down to just the new sex toy lines or just the anal toys or just the penis pumps or just the clit-stims.

I know that you are just here checking out the prices and comparing to the other adult shops in the area - if you ask me, I'll even tell you where they are and how to get there (because I know that you are going to be back once you go to check them out).  I know that you are also comparing to what you have found on-line.

The difference with me here though, is that I can tell you if that product is going to meet your expectations and/or needs.  I can tell you that it is or is not going to do what you want it to, and safely.  I can tell you if you have chosen a quality product or just a cheap semi-disposable product that you will be back here in 6 weeks to replace or if the product you have chosen comes with a free 12 month warranty.

I also know you think that I am on a commission and I am just going to show you the most expensive thing on the shelf - well, I will ... if that product is what you are looking for and it meets you needs. I am not however going to show it to you if you tell me you are looking for a clit-stim though, as the most expensive product is a full penetration job.

Only you can put a price on what your pleasure is worth - one of the first questions that I am going to ask you is what sort of a budget do you have in mind - this enables me to present you with the best quality options for you in that price range.  I will usually also show you what you can get for just a little bit more too - just so you know what is available if/when you want to upgrade.  I think of it like the difference between a base-model car and the S-Pack or Special Edition.

I am also going to tell you which is the best kind of lubricant to use with your toy - and give you a range to choose from.  I am also going to tell you that you need anti-bacterial toy wash to go with your toy.  I am not telling you this just to get more money out of you, I am telling you this so you can look after your toy and not damage it (so you get your moneys worth out of it).  Anti-bacterial toy wash is designed to be used in intimate areas, and it is also designed not to damage your product.  You have made an investment in you pleasure - I want it to last you as long as it possibly can so you can get as much enjoyment out of it as you possibly can.

Meeting Your Need



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