Anal Sex Guide: Perception and Reality

Anal sex is a funny topic. Some people discus it at length over brunch, while others seem flabbergasted that anyone would willingly partake! So let’s have a look at what exactly it entails, and why it’s a fast growing trend.


Anal sex has always been seen as a naughty, taboo topic. Only occasionally whispered, and not openly.

Anal Sex and Orgasms: Is it Pleasurable?

Why not? It’s just sex! While it’s a growing trend, with the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour discovering that while 50% of women less than 30 years of age have tried anal sex, only 8% could say that they had done it in the last month. Of these women, 95% achieved the beautiful O, while only 65% of women orgasmed with vaginal sex. Obviously it feels good as the rear end has multitudes of nerve endings at the opening and helps women orgasm, so why aren’t we learning more about it so we can make sure we enjoy it?

Understanding Anal Sex Trends: A Statistical View

Let’s look at some statistics. According to the same survey as mentioned above, which included 20,094 people, 50% of which are women and the other half men, anal sex encounters over a lifetime are increasing. Of those 20, 094 people:

  • 8% of 16-19 years olds have experienced anal sex at least once
  • 22% of men and 18% of women aged 20-29 years have experimented with anal sex at least once
  • 32% of men and 28% of women aged 30-39 years have enjoyed anal sex at least once


For many people, the idea of anal sex comes from porn. In a 2010 study, researchers found that of the 50 most popular porn movies, there were 356 anal sex scenes, in the 55% of movies that included it. Unfortunately, some women do it simply because they feel pressured. This leads to pain during anal sex, as the woman isn’t able to comfortably relax enough. However, many products exist to help with this.

Anal Sex Accessories: Making It More Pleasurable

As the clitoris is actually shaped like a wishbone, with it extending all the way to the anus, and the accessibility of indirect G-Spot stimulation, it can be truly enjoyable if you can use some tips and tricks. Obviously, the initial pain is the stretch. Start with something small, like the Essentials Beginners Anal Plug 2'' Pink. Don’t rush it, nice and slow wins the race. If vibration is your thing, try the  The Ditto Anal Plug by We-Vibe. This allows the vibrations to stimulate both the anus opening and indirectly, the G-Spot. The vibrations will also feel amazing to your partner during sex. An additional benefit of a vibrating anal plug is that you have a choice to have it vibrating or not.

If you want something pretty, consider the Luxury Aluminum Pink Butt Plug With Crystal Gem . The added advantage of stainless steel plugs is you can use any lubricant you want and it’s super easy to clean!

If you’re still feeling turned off at the thought of something actually going up there, perhaps some relaxing serum? Pjur has varieties of relaxing serums and sprays available, which can make the entire process easier. They don’t actually numb the area, but help the area to relax enough to ease any discomfort. We highly recommend the Pjur Analyse Me Relaxing Anal Glide 100ml

The Importance of Lubrication in Anal Sex

Spit isn’t enough. I’ve listened to my friend’s say how much anal sex hurts, only to later admit they tried to use spit as lube. This will never work except in porn. The anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating. Lubricant plays a huge part of this endeavour, and more importantly, what lube you use.Silicone lube is great for anal sex, but definitely not for toys. If your attempting to start with a toy, we recommend Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant. This can reduce the chance of anal damage.

I’ve heard people whisper they’re afraid of the embarrassing chance of poop being left on a toy or penis. Well, poop happens! Obviously, there is a very real chance of it happening during anal sex. While it isn’t common and rarely actually happens, we won’t say never. There is a god however, and he created the douche routine! This Bondage Fetish Curved Deluxe Douche is easy to use, easy to clean and comes with instructions. Simply fill with warm water, insert, squirt, wait and then release and repeat. For peace of mind, it’s worth its weight in, erm, gold.

Post Anal Sex Cleanliness: Ensuring Hygiene

Another thing to remember afterwards is clean up. No good things go unpunished! It’s very important to use a safe, hygienic cleaner on any toys, especially those used during anal sex. Anti-bacterial cleaners are the best, with Wicked Foam and Fresh being perfect! Easy to use, it’s just like a foaming hand wash. Once lathered, simply rinse with water, dry thoroughly, and put away. Soaps are not okay to use, or any bodywashes you may already have in the bathroom drawers.

Remember, this is your body and your choice. If you’re willing to attempt anal sex, don’t be forced into it or scared. Prepare yourself with the knowledge to use certain products to make your experience easier. Key points to remember are lube, more lube, relax, and enjoy yourself!


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