Finding A Ring That Fits

Sometimes I am asked a question that I find difficult to answer. Why you may ask? Because I am not a man. I cannot experience what a man feels, or measure my penis. So when I am asked about penis rings, you can only imagine how hard it can get to explain the technicalities. So with my trusty Bedaring buying guides, store managers and buyers on stand by I will answer some frequently asked questions.

How do I find one that will fit?

Often when a client asks me this, I normally recommend a more stretchy ring. They're guaranteed to fit any man and can be easier to put on, as well as more comfortable. They are also great if this is your first penis ring. Though sometimes clients like firmer rings made for a certain size. This is when it gets hard for me, as I am unfamiliar with how to properly measure the penis.

Though after much research I have found the answer. Simply measure around the base of your penis (including the testicles) with a soft measuring tape (please don't use those metal ones). Then divide your measurement by 3.1. For an example if your measure 11cm and divide by 3.1 you will have a measurement of 3.5 cm, or 35mm as most penis rings use millimetres.

How do they work?

Essentially how a penis ring works is that it traps the blood in the penis leading to stronger, longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms. Though be sure you to take off your ring when it becomes uncomfortable or when you have exceeded 20 minutes as this could lead to nerve damage.

How do I put one on?

Putting one on is easy. There are two ways you can go about this, by the testicles or by the shaft. Depending what is more comfortable for you, you can start by putting one testicle in, then the other. Then simply bend the shaft downwards and push the ring through. Be sure that your penis is soft and not fully erect when doing this. If this is causing you pain, stop. An easier way to put one on is to apply some water based lube on the shaft, and slide the ring all the way to the base of the penis. And finally...,

Vibrating or Non Vibrating?

This is entirely up to your discretion. If you feel you or your partner would enjoy the vibrations then we have plenty of rings to choose from here. For a first time experience I normally recommend a non-vibrating ring. Once you feel comfortable with this, investing in a vibrating ring can be a great asset to your sex life.

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