Buyers Guide: Anal Douche's

Douches and Douching

Douching (doo-shing) is an absolutely vital component of anal play whether it be with just anal toys or traditional anal intercourse. The French word for douche translates to “wash” or “soak” but douching effectively cleanses the anal cavity by flushing it with water, ensuring that it is as clean and hygienic as possible, nobody wants to deal with a messy aftermath! This cleaning process not only ensures your play won’t be messy, but it alleviates any fears about cleanliness, keeping you relaxed – which as we all know is essential for anal play, and helping you to focus on the task at hand: your tantalizing pleasure. Douching is particularly popular in preparation for oral stimulation of the anus (analingus), but it is recommended to douche if inserting objects longer than 6 inches.

The Essentials

Anal douches come in various forms – but there are some essential rules to follow when douching, these include the temperature of the water you’re douching with, the size of the douche wand, and what liquid you use with your douche.

Water Temperature
When douching, it is important to ensure that you are using a safe and comfortable temperature. It is commonly recognised that tepid (approximately 15c) to lukewarm (approximately 22c) water is the ideal temperature to ensure comfort and to prevent inner scalding. A good way of making sure your douche water is the right temperature, is to run a thermometer under a tap while adjusting the hot and cold, until your thermometer reads the ideal temperature range.

Wand size
The size of the Douching wand is critical to ensuring that you are cleaning the right area of the anus. For people inserting beads, longer wands, dildos or having penetrative anal sex, the wand should be at least 3 inches long, and the reservoir should be completely compressed while inserted, to ensure the water has penetrated approximately 6 to 8 inches into the anus.

Douching Liquid

It is highly recommended to only use water when douching. Although it might seem like they’ll make it extra hygienic, not only will soaps irritate the sensitive membranes of the anal cavity, but soap will also dry out the area. Which is not ideal as the rectum does not already self-lubricate.  

Getting it done - How to Use an Anal Douche

  1. Once you have the water temperature right, and have selected the right wand for yourself, you need to fill the reservoir completely full. A good way to do this is to compress the empty reservoir and slowly release it while filling. Make sure there are no air pockets as this forces air bubbles into the anus and can cause uncomfortable gas.
  2. Lubricate the outside of the wand (preferably with silicone lube to prevent washing it off while douching).
  3. Insert the wand slowly, preferably while in a sitting or squat position, as this ‘straightens’ the anal cavity and allows for comfortable insertion. We recommend doing this over the toilet. If you feel any pain, cease insertion immediately and slowly remove.
  4. Once the wand is inserted fully, press on the reservoir until you feel the sensation of water pushing into and filling the anal cavity.
  5. Once the reservoir is completely compressed, remove the wand before releasing pressure on the reservoir.
  6. Do not immediately push the water out, as this will simply rinse the anus instead of cleaning. Instead, hold your anal muscles tight for at least 20 seconds before relaxing them. Do not push to begin, as this will force the deeper water further into the cavity and may cause an uncomfortable liquid feeling during play. Allow your body to naturally push the water out, applying pressure only when your own body prompts you
  7. For cleanest results, douche three times with a full reservoir, or until you see clear water being released.


Purchasing Your Own Anal Douche

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Safety and Hygiene

As the anal cavity does not self-lubricate, it is essential to ensure that you regularly apply lubricant to ensure that the douche has easy passage and it is the most comfortable experience it can be. To avoid any infections, and due to the area in which anal douche is being used, it is recommended to thoroughly clean it with an antibacterial toy cleaner, before and after each use. Most importantly, if you feel any pain immediately stop, anal play is for pleasurable moments not painful memories.

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