Seraphina™ is a dildo for the adventurous and is filled with intricate artistic detail from its tip to its base.

It features three phenomenal pleasure-invoking ridges near the crown to a magnificent medial ring further down its wispy columned shaft. Unlike many toys, this beautiful Pegasus features a knot near its base for a stretch for another realm of sensation altogether. There is also an extended platform of "feathers" near the base for grinding and added stimulation for those daring enough to fill themselves past the knot.

Seraphina™ will have you flying higher than Mount Olympus once you take a ride with this mythical creature.

Enjoy all of length and many curves and edges with Bad Dragon Cum Lube to slide your way over the many intriguing features.

Be Daring is an authorize Re-Seller of Genuine Bad Dragon Dildos


  • Dimensions: Medium
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Circumference of Base: 42.87cm (16.88”)
  • Circumference of Head: 19.5cm (7.69")
  • Circumference of Knot: 25cm (9.88")
  • Circumference of Shaft: 20cm (7.88")
  • Diameter of Base: 15.24cm (6")
  • Diameter of Head: 3.4cm (2.5")
  • Diameter of Knot: 7.46cm (2.94")
  • Diameter of Shaft: 6.2cm (2.44")
  • Total Length: 34.62cm (13.63")
  • Usable Length: 29.54cm (11.63")
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