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Fun Factory Bootie Fem Ladies Butt Plug Rose

Fun Factory BOOTIE FEM is perfectly designed for people with vulvas. The ergonomically shaped, narrow base feels secure at all times and is 100% discreet.
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Are you a person with a vagina, looking for an anal plug to fit your anatomy? Or do you want to experience vaginal sex while you’re wearing an anal plug? You’re in the right place. Meet BOOTIE FEM, a butt plug with an approachable tulip shape. It’s comfy enough for anal plug newbies and made to be worn during sex, for FUNtastic mega-orgasms.

BOOTIE FEM is an anal plug designed specifically for people with vulvas, shaped to be worn during simultaneous vaginal penetration. What sets it apart? The toy has an asymmetrical base, with one end shorter than the other, which precisely positions the toy to allow for easy, simultaneous vaginal penetration. The approachable tulip shape of this female butt plug also stands as a symbol for blooming pleasure.


Thanks to the Fun Factory Bootie Fem small size, tapered tip, and velvety silicone material, the  BOOTIE FEM is the ideal butt plug for vulva owners—with or without anal experience. It also adds FUN during sex for two by making the vaginal canal feel smaller, leading you and your partner to breathtakingly intense climaxes.

The many nerve endings located in and around the anus are incredibly sensitive to pressure and stretching. The more of them that are stimulated on the way to orgasm, the more intense the actual climax will be. Also, if you wear the plug anally during vaginal penetration, the indirect pressure from BOOTIE FEM will guide the penis or toy right to the G-spot. The result is a brilliant all-around orgasm, enhanced by anal stimulation.

BOOTIE FEM is perfectly designed for people with vulvas. The ergonomically shaped, narrow base feels secure at all times and is 100% discreet. In other words: Even under tight pants, nothing will show. What's more, the beginner-friendly size and narrow, tapered bud allow for problem-free insertion.

What makes BOOTIE FEM so special is its asymmetry. The base of this butt plug is shorter on one side, which positions the toy to allow for easy vaginal penetration. At the same time, the bud of the toy gently tilts towards the G-spot. It’ll intensify pleasure for you and your partner alike, because pressure from the inserted anal plug automatically narrows the vaginal canal.

BOOTIE FEM is all one piece, made from 100% medical-grade silicone. That means this seamless anal toy can easily be cleaned with fragrance-free soap and warm running water.

Sensual and Discreet

Wear BOOTIE FEM while shopping, during a meeting, or on your next hot date. The slim, smooth shape makes it seamless.


  • Female Butt Plug
  • Asymmetrical base: comfy to wear anally during vaginal penetration
  • Innovative design: sexy and body-safe
  • Slim shape for easy insertion
  • The perfect first anal toy
  • Preps the body for more advanced anal play
  • Body- and eco-friendly, with efficient packaging
  • Sensual and Discreet
  • Anal Safe
  • Body-safe Materials
  • Waterproof


  • Colour: Dark Taupe
  • Materials: 100% medical grade silicone, non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Dimensions: 8.5 cm by 1-2.9 cm
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