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A Year of Sex - Sex Card Game

Are you ready for the Challenge of a A Year of Sex - Sex Card Game
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Who is the Biggest Slut?
Get ready ladies, what is said at girl’s night, stays at girl’s night! Have the wine and cheese ready because your secrets are about to be exposed.

The drinking game of naughty confessions will have you answering sexual questions you never thought you would be asked. With 69 cards and 552 questions, nothing will be left to the imagination. Players will take turns rolling the die and asking the group a question from the card that corresponds with the number they rolled, and whoever has done the slutty act, must drink! If no one drinks, the person asking the question can try and coerce or convince someone in the group that they actually did do the act! However, storytelling and revealing other players’ secrets is strictly off limits. If no one drinks still, then the person asking must drink. The first person to finish their drink will be crowned and toasted by the other players as the biggest slut!


  • 69 Cards with 552 Questions
  • 1 X Rule Card
  • 1 X 8-Sided Die
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