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Wildfire Cooling Arousal Oil for Her

Wildfire’s Cooling Arousal Oil for Her is the perfect addition to your love making. The quick acting oil only needs 1-2 drops to provide its cooling, tingling sensations. By drawing more blood to the area (ideally the clitoris) it increases your sensitivity and makes those orgasms even more mind blowing. Lasting up to 1 hour each use, can you say no?
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Big things really do come in small packages! This all-natural Cooling Arousal Oil packs a punch. Requiring only 1-2 drops per use, this oil takes effect quickly and lasts for up to 1 hour. It creates cooling sensations to the applied area and sends tingles down your spine and right to where you want them. Wildfire’s Cooling Arousal Oil for Her is not designed to be used as a lubricant. However, it does let your brain know that ‘something is going on down here’ which will trigger an increase in natural lubrication. It also increases blood flow to the applied area. This increase in blood makes you so much more sensitive. Every touch, lick and vibration will feel so much more intense! All of this comes together to provide you with the most spectacular orgasms.

While it can do so much for you, it’s also considerate of others. This product is 100% cruelty free. It is not tested on animals and is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. Avocado, Macadamia, and Velvet Bean oils are mixed and infused with essential oils including Rosemary, Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Ginger. This means that Wildfire’s Cooling Arousal Oil for Her not only smells amazing, it also tastes great! Oral sex will never be the same again.

As this is an oil-based product, it won’t turn sticky and uncomfortable. Nor will it soak into your skin and disappear. It’s there until it gets wiped, licked, or washed away. Let the cooling sensations contrast ever so pleasingly with the rest of you as your bedroom heats up.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Helps to stimulate blood flow, increase orgasm intensity, and improve natural lubrication
  • Works quickly to not interrupt the mood
  • Requires only 1-2 drops per use for great value (100 applications per bottle)
  • Great taste for use with oral sex
  • Not tested on animals
  • Naturally derived ingredients


  • Capacity: 10ml (100 applications)
  • Material: Avocado, Macadamia, and Velvet Bean oils infused with a select mix of essential oils
  • Duration: Up to 1 hour

No L-Arginine | No Parabens | No Chemicals | No Nasties


Avocado oil, Macadamia oil, Velvet bean oil infused, Ginkgo Biloba essential oil, Vitamin E, Silica, Kava oil infused, Cinnamon essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Spearmint essential oil, Ginger essential oil.

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