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The following Information Guides details the different types of materials you might come across in your vibrator search.

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Plastic Vibrators

Plastic vibrators are extremely popular … there is something about the cool, sleek casing and since many plastic toys have a metallic exterior, they have the added bonus of looking very sophisticated and high-tech.

The majority of plastic vibrators are hard and inflexible – these are best suited to external stimulation such as teasing during foreplay or direct clitoral stimulation.  Most plastic vibrators fall into the ‘Tinglers’ category when it come to function.

Unlike the softer vibrators which absorb some of the vibration, plastic vibrators do have the advantage of transferring all the vibration to the tip.  The vibrations of these plastic toys are strong and intense – hence why they are best suited to clitoral stimulation body massage.

Plastic vibrators give incredible clitoral stimulation but we recommend that when used for this purpose that the woman hold the vibrator as she will know how much pressure to apply for maximum pleasure.  Too much pressure can cause bruising in this delicate area.

Be Daring the Adult Shop does not recommend that plastic vibrators are used for insertion, either vaginally or anally, due to possibility of injury or discomfort.

Plastic Vibrators can be teamed with soft tickler sleeves to vary the sensations and provide a softer surface – simply slide the sleeve onto your toy and you have a new toy to play with.  
As with many things, there are always exceptions to the rules – and plastic vibrators are no different.  There are a few toy companies now producing a plastic vibe that is made from the softer PVC plastic, rather than the hard ABS plastics that we are familiar with.  These PVC vibrators are much softer and are flexible – they share many characteristics with their latex and silicone brothers.


Jelly is an innovation of the nineties.  Jellies come in a vast array of bright semi-translucent colours.  Other names for the jelly material include Sil-a-Gel and Jel-lee.
Jellies are less expensive than most other materials and need slightly more attention paid to their maintenance as they are porous and can harbour bacteria if not looked after properly. 
It is essential that these toys are cleaned after each use and sprayed with an anti-bacterial solution.  It is recommended that as soon as these toys loose their smooth shiny appearance and become dull, that they should be replaced.  But Hey – who needs an excuse to go toy shopping again?

Jelly toys are bright and colourful – there is almost no limit to the colour combinations although Pink, Red, Blue and Purple are the most common and popular colours. Jelly toys are soft and flexible, in much the same ways as Silicone and Latex, and the majority of them are waterproof. 

Jelly toys are available in all classifications and styles and is still the most widely produced.  Due to the porous nature of Jelly toys, it is recommended that once a jelly toy has been used anally, it should only be used anally from then on – unless it has been wrapped in a toy cover or condom.  Toy covers and condoms are actually a good idea for these toys at any time – it will increase the life of your toy as it will reduce the bodily fluids and bacteria that at is absorbed into the toy due to the porous nature of the Jelly.


This is the most popular of our ‘Classic Vibrators’ and rates in our top five best sellers. A ‘must have’ in any vibrator collection. 
Latex vibrators are crafted from surgical-grade latex, and are ideal for both internal and external stimulation. Latex offers a flexible, more life-like feel than vibrators made from materials such as vinyl or plastic. The following are some of the excellent features of latex vibrators:

  1. Intensity of vibrations is delivered right to the tip making it ideal for clitoral stimulation.
  2. The soft tip of this material is an added bonus for clitoral and labial stimulation.
  3. Latex is soft and comfortable for insertion and flexibility of the shaft reduces possibility of discomfort.
  4. These vibrators may be safely used with any water or silicone based lubricant.
  5. Most latex toys have a variable speed - meaning that a user can select a speed to best suit them or speed up / slow down timing of orgasm.

Some people suffer from an allergic reaction to latex though – in this case staff are to recommend a silicone equivalent.


Silicone is the connoisseur’s choice of material. It is more expensive but you get what you pay for. If you're looking for a superior high-quality realistic toy that will last, and only the best will do - then silicone is for you.

Silicone is often considered to be the ideal material for just about every kind of sex toy. Life-like, with a soft, smooth texture, silicone quickly reaches and retains body temperature, making your sexual experience wonderfully warm and realistic. No hard edges, no snags or imperfections.  

Silicone is a non-porous material, which reduces the risk of the material developing cracks or splits which may harbour bacteria. Silicone is dishwasher safe too – top rack only though!  In addition to being durable, silicone toys are allergy-friendly. People rarely experience allergic reactions to them - offering an alternative to those who are allergic to latex. 

Some silicone's react with some silicone based lubricant, so it is best to only use water based lubricants with silicone toys..

Cyber Skin

Cyber Skin is the closest thing to the real thing that we have been able to manufacture.  Cyber Skin is a trade name (kind of like Stanley Knife) from the Topco Sales Company that has become the common name that everyone recognises.  Cyber Skin is also known as Futurotic Material, LoveClone, Soft Skin, Life Like, and Thermal Plastic.

What is CyberSkin?

CyberSkin is unquestionably the most realistic material on the market. Quickly warming to body temperature and mimicking the elasticity and softness of human flesh, CyberSkin has the amazing look and feel of real skin. This material in its many shapes and forms is a stunning replication of the human composition.

In the physical make-up of CyberSkin, the atoms bond with high resiliency. This means that the atomic memory of CyberSkin allows the product to be malleable, like real flesh, as well as instantly recover to its original shape. Because it is created to retain its shape, the CyberSkin product can last a lifetime with reasonable care and maintenance, always delivering high performance and realistic feel. 

Also, with the added revolutionary moulding process of Dual Density, CyberSkin products can simulate the softness of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue and/or bone. In manufacturing, the moulding machines use computerized injection that enables varying densities of CyberSkin to be strategically placed throughout the product. This means that in a product shaped like a vagina, you can actually feel the softness of vaginal lips and the hardness of pubic bone. And in a penis, you can feel the softness of skin with the rigidity of erectile tissue, creating the most realistic sex accessory.

CyberSkin Care Instructions

  1. Wash after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water

  2. Pat dry with soft, cotton towel and allow to air dry completely

  3. To properly maintain your CyberSkin product, generously apply Renew to restore the original soft, non-sticky texture

  4. Keep CyberSkin toys separate from other toys when not in use

  5. Store CyberSkin in a plastic bag with a small amount of Renew in a cool, dry place

  6. WARNING: DO NOT use mineral oil or oil based products as a lubricant as it may cause deterioration of CyberSkin. Water-based lubricants or Silicone lubricants are ideal. If any other lubricant is used, clean toy immediately after use to prevent deterioration. Add Renew to extend the life of the toy.


At first thought, glass seems like an odd choice for an adult toy, but wait until you see what is available in this medium.  

Glass toys (also known as borosilicate or Pyrex) come in a wide variety of creative shapes and colours.  Glass toys are made by the same craftsmen that make glass pipes and should last a lifetime.  Glass toys are ideal for use by people with extremely sensitive skin or allergies as glass is completely hypo-allergenic and can be cleaned by popping them in the dishwasher – just the same as your Pyrex baking dish.

Glass toys are made from high-quality, shatter and chip-resistant glass, protecting consumers from injury.  Glass toys are able to be heated (hold under warm running water) or cooled (hold under cold running water) to offer unique sensations. Its firm texture makes glass perfect for vaginal muscle-strengthening toys. 

Extreme caution must be taken when using glass toys internally as they do not offer flexibility to users.  Any quick or jarring motions can cause bruising to the pubic / tail bones.

Most glass toys do not vibrate however there are vibrating attachments that you can purchase to add to you glass toy.

Warranty and Repairs:

Be Daring the Adult Shop supply care instructions with all purchases of vibrating products and also offer a 30 day repair warranty on all vibrating products sold.  This entitles the customer to return to store any item which is shown to be faulty within 30 days of purchase for repair or replacement.


The information provided to you is not professional advice. No-one should act in reliance upon any of this information without first obtaining independent advice from a health professional familiar with their particular state of health and fitness.

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