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Vibrators are perhaps the best and most popular technological device ever invented! Sensitive areas of the body, especially those areas with super sensitive nerve endings such as the clitoris, vagina, penis, testicles, anus, and nipples, are highly aroused by the stimulation of pressure and vibration. Of course Vibrators can be used for total body stimulation and teasing during foreplay with areas such as neck, inside thigh, stomach and even feet responding to the erotic stimulation of a vibrator. After passionate lovemaking vibrators can be used to gently relax muscles but look out, relaxation can quickly turn to excitement and another round of sexual bliss! It can be argued that vibrators are the ultimate pleasure machine!

Vibrators may be used alone or with a partner, to enhance the love-making experience but either way most women are able to reach orgasm simply by gentle stimulation to the clitoris by a vibrator.  Men find using a vibrator on their partner highly arousing and also enjoy the stimulation a vibrator can provide..
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Rabbit Vibrators - rotating vibes

Ever heard of the “Rabbit”?  Made famous by the TV Show Sex and the City in which Charlotte disappears for days with her new toy, these Dual Action (or Twice as Nice) toys are very nice indeed.
Rotating vibrators are designed to offer the ultimate in clitoral / vaginal sexual stimulation for women and are available in hundreds of different shapes, styles, sizes and varieties.
Rotating vibrators offer multiple functions and can include:

    • Rotating head - designed for g-spot stimulation - some models offer reverse-swing, which allows the direction of rotation to be reversed.
    • Rotating pearls or beads - designed to massage the labia, and help to increase natural lubrication and massage the entrance to the vagina. Again, some models offer a reverse-swing allowing the direction of rotation to be reversed.
    • Clitoral stimulator – designed to deliver vibration directly to the clitoris.  These stimulators usually offer a variety of speeds, and in some cases, up to 7 or more variable pulsation and rhythms – offering more options for different sensatiopns and stimulation.  These clitoral stimulators are usually in the shape of an animal such as a rabbit, bird, dolphin or butterfly
    • Anal stimulator – this may be vibratiing or non-vibrating. This feature is only available on limited styles.
Dildo's & Dongs - Non-Vibrating

The world of Adult toys is wide and varied.  When we take it all down to the very basics, we are left with two options – Vibrating or non vibrating
A Dong or a Dildo is a non-vibrating toy that can be in any shape or size and is used for penetration (vaginal or anal) and clitoral stroking.  As they do not vibrate, dongs have no extra functions.  They can be made from any material and in any shape/colour – if you can imagine it, there is a fair chance that someone has made it.
Dongs are available from the small to the quite large – as big as an arm infact.  Dongs are measured by length and diameter in inches.  Length is from the base to the tip, but the diameter is at widest point.  Some dongs are double ended and designed for two, but other are actually moulded from real live pornstars.  Fancy that – you can have your own personal pornstar in your bedside drawer, ready for action when ever you are!
An extra feature available in the dong world is that they can come with a suction-cup base for added stability.  Suction cups will stick to any smooth hard surface – the floor, bathroom tiles, bathtub, shower cubicle, toilet seat, bedpost and even the kitchen table.  I have even heard of them being stuck to the washing machine during the spin cycle.  Suction based dongs are also perfect for those that want to put their dong into a harness.
Dongs are also available with the testis included in the mould – it is not just the shaft.  The testis give you the slightly more realistic feeling and adds clitoral stimulation to your play time.  The testis are also great to use as something to hang on to – giving you greater leverage and penetration.
Classic Vibrators

Nowhere is the world of sex toys more exciting and diverse than with vibrators.  Classic Vibrators are the most popular and they are traditionally phallic shaped. In a nutshell, they are dongs that vibrate and there is bound to be at least one in every vibrator collection.  Classic vibrators come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They may be made from any material and with any/all of the features that non-vibrating dongs are equipped with.
Classic Vibes are usually ‘variable multi-speed’, controlled either by a dial or push button. This vibrator offers a gentle vibrations increasing to extremely powerful and intense. First-time users should start with the vibrator at its lowest intensity setting and then experiment with the higher settings to select the most suitable
The most iconic vibrator is the rocket shaped slimline vibe.  It is the model that most people imagine when they think of the word vibrator.  This vibe is a plastic cylinder with a narrow tip, and comes in many sizes and colours.  It has been featured since the 1970’s in magazine back page adds for ‘body massagers’ and in countless adult films.
Be Daring recommends that hard plastic style vibrators are not used for penetration – they are more suited to Clitoral Stimulation (see Tinglers) or all over body massage.  Vaginas are not smooth and hard inside – a man’s penis is shaped the way it is for a reason - maximum pleasure.
Classic Vibes also come in the softer Latex and Silicone materials – these are perfect for internal penetration.  You have the feeling of fullness that the toy gives, with the added bonus of vibrations.  
If a customer is looking for a classic vibe we recommend the Pathfinder.  This product comes in a selection of Pink, Purple and Blue, it is also waterproof and is made from surgical latex – so wont harbour bacteria (as long as it is looked after).

While any style of vibrator may be used to stimulate and excite the clitoris, some vibrator styles are designed specifically for this purpose. ‘Tinglers’ are such a vibrator. They are also called Eggs, Bullets, Clit Stims, Pocket Rockets or Wands.

They are small, light weight, multi-speed and capable of delivering a very high speed tingling vibration to the clitoris. The sensations produced by these vibrators are usually incredibly strong due to their small surface area. If users enjoy a shorter, more intense vibration, then these vibrators are for you.  The miniature motor is housed in a casing and traditionally they are attached to a battery pack/controller by a cord. 

Tinglers can be used during intercourse as the vibe can be placed on the clitoris and not get in the way.  So many people were doing this in fact, that the Vibrating Cock Ring, the Panty Vibe and the Finger Vibe were developed.
Nowadays there are many that contain the batteries inside the vibrator itself – these are also perfect for the stimulation of the clitoris.  Many customers know these as a “Lipstick Vibe”.  These vibrators are mostly powered by a single AA or AAA battery, however there are more and more being developed that take the smaller batteries such as the ‘N’ size or watch batteries.  The only drawback to this kind of tingler is that they are mostly a push button affair and are either ON or OFF – there are no options for the user.  On the up side, they are small, waterproof, quiet and discrete.

Due to the popularity of this style of vibe, the We-Vibe family developed their unique rechargeable versions in the Tango and Salsa.  These are the same size as traditional tinglers,  however are much more powerful as the battery is built in, and you never have to worry about replacing it – just plug it in when you are finished with it.  In addition, rather than just being the on/off system that has been our standard fare, there are multiple vibrating settings that you can choose from to suit your mood perfectly..
Eggs – Bullets – Mini Bullets – Micro Bullets

These are essentially the same thing, just in a variety of sizes.  As the name suggests, eggs are egg sized, the slightly smaller is the Bullets, and then the mini bullet and then the micro bullet.  These are usually a plastic casing and are attached to the battery pack/controller via a cord.  Some of these toys can be coated in rubber for a softer sensation or come with a sheath that enables it to be worn either on the finger or as a panty.

There are also new versions of bullets that take watch batteries – making them cordless while keeping them the smaller size.  This does however reduce them to either an ON or OFF function..

Panty Vibes

There are also ‘Tinglers’ that you don’t have to hold on to - these are called Panty Vibrators.   Designed to resemble a harness or pair of G-string panties, they are a bullet that is held fast to the woman's clitoris for an intense, localized vibration.  This creates an intense, hands-free vibration that can be worn at any time – from doing the housework to doing the grocery shopping.

While many panty vibrators have larger harnesses that make them only good for solo use, a number of newer models have been designed with less obtrusive harnesses and smaller units so that they may be worn during intercourse - adding clitoral vibrations to the excitement of penetration – all the while keeping your hands free for other uses.

The revolutionary We-Vibe is a strapless version of these panty vibes.  Not only is this strap-free, it is also 100% Silicone, rechargeable and comes with the Be Daring 12 month extended manufacturers warranty.
Finger Vibes

Do you like vibrators, but miss the finger play?  Now you can have both.  Finger vibes are bullets that have a sheath that goes over them that allows them to be attached to the finger (and some are stretchy enough to go over the penis as a cock-ring) for ease of use.  Your finger is the most reliable toy that you have and the finger vibe simply gives you the added stimulation of vibrations – slip one (or two, or three, or more) onto your finger tip and let your fingers do the walking.  They are an extension of your finger, so you don’t have to hang onto them – not risking dropping or loosing your grip right at that critical moment.  As with other bullets, they can be either wireless or corded to a battery pack/control panel.
Clit Stims – Pocket Rockets – Lipstick Vibes – Mini Vibes

These are the smaller cousins of the classic vibes and the bigger brothers of the bullets and eggs.  These traditionally take one AA or AAA battery and are a favourite for in the handbag for a quick play whenever the urge comes along.
These discrete little vibrators are popular because they pack some mighty orgasms for women on the run.  They are usually waterproof and are either on or off.  They come in a huge variety of shapes, colours and styles.
Clit stims can also be attached to insertable vibrators.  The most common of these is the Rabbit (see Toy Features – Rotating for more details on these) however there are also smaller versions that are not rotating and the internal portion is designed more for G-Spot Stimulation.
Pulsating Vibrators

Some vibrators not only have variable speeds of vibration but offer the additional functions of a pulsating or surging sensation.  Some styles offer five or more alternative pulsing rhythms. Combine this with the standard vibration settings of low, medium and high, and you have toys that can have up to 10 functions or more. Pulsating styles may be found in any of the various classes of vibrators. They can be incorporated into standard, tinglers, wands or rotating style vibrators. These additional functions offer increased choice to the user and a greater degree of satisfaction i.e. more ways to orgasm!
Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are fully immersible in water. Most classes of vibrator have waterproof styles. This enables them to be used in the bath, shower, spa, etc, for that extra special watery experience.

If using a product in water, we recommend a silicone-based lubricant such as Pjur Original because of its lubricating properties in water.
Waterproof Vibrators are also much easier to clean as you do not have to worry about keeping the control out of the water – you can simply wash and wear!

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