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The following Information Guides details the different types of materials you might come across in your vibrator search.

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Realistic Vibes

Imagine an adult toy that is so lifelike that you would swear that there was a man attached to it?
This is what a realistic shaped toy is supposed to look/feel like.  These are designed to offer you incredibly lifelike sensations and can include veins, testicles, and a lifelike skin texture.  Some of these realistic shaped toys are even moulded from real porn stars – the most well known of these would be the John Holmes dong.  There are even Toys for Boys that are moulded on female porn stars bits.  

Realistic toys can be made from any of the materials that are on the market; however the most realistic are made from cyberskin.   Realistic toys can either be vibrating or non-vibrating and rotating vibes tend to fall into the Semi-Realistic category.

Realistic toys have all the right bumps and grooves in the right places, and allow you to be 100% in control.  They are just like having a man in the drawer – ready when you are.  Your realistic toy will never have a selfish moment, nor will it come before you do.  They live to serve you as your slave – but you don’t have to worry about the feeding (except for the batteries and/or lubricant).

If you already have a partner, then a realistic toy is a perfect addition to your bedroom.  If either of you have ever fantasized about having a threesome with another man, but are uncomfortable with turning the fantasy into reality – then you need a Realistic Toy.  It is just like having a three some as you have the extra lifelike cock to play with, but you don’t have to worry about the STD’s, pregnancies or emotions that go with it.

Semi Realistic Vibes

Semi-Realistic shaped toys are still phallic shaped, but on a lesser scale.  You will find that these toys are greatly exaggerated – being either smaller or larger than average.  They will have the basic phallic shape but are missing detail, or are over the top with deeply accentuated veins criss-crossing all over the shaft or have some wild designs to increase stimulation. Many are missing the testicles – that is they are just the shaft and the head of the penis - although not all.

Semi-Realistic toys tend to come in a wide array of bright colours as well as the traditional flesh and in all materials.  Semi-Realistic toys are good for those hard to please customers that don’t want anything too realistic, but don’t want anything that is completely abstract either.  First timers will tend to gravitate to this kind as it is the middle ground.  The very real is scary as is the very abstract.

For those customers that size is important to, the semi-realistic shines through.  As there is a limit to the size that real men grow to, there is a limit on the size of the ones that can be moulded from real men (mind you – there are some big boys out there).  As long as it has the phallic shape, you are only limited by your imagination.
Many rotating vibes fall into this category of shapes, as do the Classics.

Abstract Vibes

Abstract toys are often created to get around laws in such countries as Japan where the manufacture of anything that mimics the human genitals is strictly forbidden and outlawed.  In saying this, abstract toys are also created for artistic impression and variety too.  Some abstract toys suspiciously resemble the phallus, but is actually something else - hence the term abstract.

When it comes to abstract you have a multitude to choose from – vivid and imaginative created shapes, animals, food (cucumber/corn cob/banana/etc) goddesses and even some American Presidents (past and present)!Abstract toys are great for those who feel uncomfortable with the phallic shape and prefer something not quite so realistic.  Some feel that the phallus is just too much and the abstract shapes are not so naughty.  Some people claim that it is easier to explain a non-phallic shaped toys as a piece of art or paperweight or what ever they can come up with if they are found out, where as any thing more realistic is much harder to disguise.

The toys that are shaped to mimic food, people or animals are great for gag gifts like 18th, 21st and 50th birthdays and such.  They are bound to get a good laugh from the crowd, they are practical and can be used if the recipient chooses to do so.

Double Ended Toys

When most people think of a Double – they think of the Double Ended Dong.  These come in a multitude of sizes, colours and materials.  You can even get them smooth at one end and veiny at the other.  There are other kinds of doubles in the adult toy world though …

Double Penetrators are designed for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration.  They consist of two prongs, the smaller one to be used anally and have a handle.  The handle is quite often ribbed or beaded and this can also be used as a penetrative device if the user so wishes – opening up a multitude of options.

Double Enders (as mentioned above) have a head at both ends of a shaft.  The average double ender is 12 to 18 inches; however there are extreme models that go up to 24 and even 30 inches.

As a rule of thumb – the longer the dong, the thicker it gets.  Double Enders are popular with lesbian couples and they also are available in vibrating models.
As double dongs are usually extra long, they are great for when you need a little extra reach.  This could be if there are mobility issues or wrist injuries, or when a longer handle makes penetration more comfortable.  Or it could just be that you like really deep penetration.

Some double dongs are able to be strapped-on to one member of a partnership to hold in place for a better ride.  These can also be vibrating, and offer stimulation to both the wearer and their partner.  A new version of this is a ‘Strapless Strap-on”.  This might take a bit to wrap you head around, but once you understand the theory behind it, it is actually quite a good idea.  Please see the Fetish – Harnesses PIB for more detailed information on these toys.

G-Spot Toys

G-Spot stimulation is a great pleasure for some women; for others it is a new unexplored pleasure spot.  If you are a new comer to G-Spot stimulation, don’t be intimidated.  This erogenous zone often needs lots of practice to successfully stimulate it, but the extra effort can be well worth your time.

The G-Spot is an area of spongy erectile tissue generally 1 to 2 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall (belly button side) right around the urethra (where urine comes out).  Some women like G-Spot stimulation, and others don’t – simple as that.  G-Spot vibrators and dildos have a smooth curved tip, and most G-Spot aficionados say that the firmer the toy, the better.  Hard plastic and firm silicone G-Spot toys get high ratings.

If you are a G-Spot lover you can probably spot a G-Spot toy a mile away.  They come in any material and can be Vibrating or not, and are also popular in rotating toys too.  They are usually straight with a curve in the end, or a C-shape.  This curve is angled to press up against the G-Spot when inserted.  Some G-Spot toys have handles to help you apply firm steady pressure against the G-Spot.  The C shaped toy is usually made from a more flexible material (eg. Silicone) that bends and shapes to your body.

It is important to remember to use a firm touch when stimulating the G-Spot as it isn’t in the vagina – it instead gets stimulated through the vaginal wall.  It is also important to remember that the G-Spot is located near the urethra, so stimulating the G-Spot often produces the urge to urinate.  Don’t worry – this is a perfectly normal feeling.

Oh, and one other thing – G-Spot stimulators are perfect for prostate play when inserted anally for the boys.  See the Anal Play Product Information Guide for more detailed information.  There are also numerous books that Be Daring the Adult Shop stocks that will expand on this information – a great add on for increasing sales and educating our customers.

Warranty and Repairs:

Be Daring the Adult Shop supply care instructions with all purchases of vibrating products and also offer a 30 day repair warranty on all vibrating products sold.  This entitles the customer to return to store any item which is shown to be faulty within 30 days of purchase for repair or replacement.


The information provided to you is not professional advice. No-one should act in reliance upon any of this information without first obtaining independent advice from a health professional familiar with their particular state of health and fitness.

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