Penis Rings

“Bigger! Harder! Stronger! Longer!”

That is the catch cry for penis rings and basically sums up their use. The bigger and harder refers to bigger and harder erections, the stronger refers to stronger climaxes and the longer refers to prolonged erections. Men may use penis rings simply to enhance their performance in any of these ways, or because they may require assistance for medical reasons, such as erectile dysfunction.

Penis rings work by preventing the outflow of blood from the penis. Once erect, the penis ring is fit over the penis snugly at the base, essentially “trapping” the erectile blood in the penis. This also results in ejaculation being more difficult, thus prolonging climax and leading to stronger orgasm.

Penis rings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, rubber, silicone, Velcro and leather. Some can be adjusted for size, (these are preferable for men who are not sure about what size they require or who have never used one before), whilst others are non-adjustable. For non-adjustable rings, men will need to know the size of ring required (in mm) so they can achieve the right fit. Both varieties of rings are fit in the same manner, they are simply slip over the erect penis to sit snugly at the base. Adjustable rings, such as the Ring of Power and Dr Richards Ring,  are able to be adjusted until the desired degree of fit is achieved.

Some rings are designed to fit not only over the penis, but also around the testicles (generally packaging will indicate correct placement of the penis ring with a diagram). There are also alternative devices, such as the Control Ejaculation Grip, which are used in the same way as penis rings. The control grip is a small plastic erection aid which is specifically designed to fit the contours of the penis. This device simply slips over the penis and, unlike the majority of its counterparts, has no time limits on wear.

For medical reasons, it is advised that penis rings are not worn for periods longer than 30 minutes, with at least 60 minutes allowed between uses. Prolonged use of penis rings (without removal) may cause permanent damage. Possible side effects from frequent use of penis rings may include slight bruising around the base of the penis. (Provided instructions for use are followed, this does not indicate permanent damage.)  Penis rings should not be used under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are not intended for use as a contraceptive. Penis rings are generally compatible for use with condoms, however discretion must be used to ensure condoms are not damaged.

If a penis ring is being used for medical reasons, such as erectile dysfunction (the inability to achieve an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse), it is recommended that the user seek medical advice prior to use. Using a penis ring without seeking medical advice may result in a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of the dysfunction (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, renal failure, etc). For men who have difficulty initially achieving and then maintaining an erection, the use of a penis pump prior to use of a penis ring may be beneficial. Once again, it is recommended that medical advice is sought prior to use.

Vibrating Penis Rings

A vibrating penis ring can be used to increase stimulation of the male G-spot by vibrating the muscle beneath the testicles and around the perineum  to increase blood flow to the prostrate gland (the male G-spot), meanwhile wearing a penis ring to restrict the extra blood flow from leaving the penile shaft and thus delay ejaculation.

These toys can bring about a stronger orgasm for the man, and during intercourse the vibration can also be used to stimulate the clitoral region and sensitive nerves around the vagina and perineum, therefore increasing stimulation for the both participants.

Some stretchable penis rings have battery operated bullets intended to stimulate the clitoris while making love in any position. There are a variety of shapes and sizes and textures, with and without wires.

BeDaring stocks a range of ticklers. In the ring variety there are ticklers such as the Bumper Love Ring, Prong Love Ring, and Tickler Rings, which offer increased stimulation to the female partner (often through direct clitoral stimulation), whilst offering a mild degree of erectile support for the male partner. In the sleeve variety, there are Penis Sleeves, which feature a range of textures to offer added internal stimulation to the female partner. There are also other ticklers which, instead of being open-ended sleeves, offer an enclosed tickler top and stretchable “cage” to fit snugly over the entire length of a penis, such as the Happy Top Ticklers. There are also finger tickler sleeves available, designed specifically to be worn over fingers for digital stimulation.

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