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Types of Toys Just For Guys!

It is a common misconception that sex toys are only for women. The majority of sex toys can be used by both men and women, but many are just for guys. Sex toys for guys are designed to either enhance sensation around the penis & scrotum, stimulate the perineum, or the prostate — known as the male G-spot. Sex toys are used by men of all sexualities. Masturbators are designed to enhance the sensation of masturbation for men.

Toys are usually made of latex, silicone or Cyberskin with an opening at one end — they sometimes have an opening at the top in which a vibrating bullet can be inserted. Some masturbators are shaped erotically and depict male or female genitalia. A common question with masturbators is whether it will feel too tight on the penis. The masturbators are designed to give firm pressure on the penis replicating the sensation of strong vaginal muscles or of anal penetration. Most masturbators are designed to be tighter, but have a lot of stretch in the material used. It is very unusual for them to be too tight.

Some types of male toys include:


Non-vibrating masturbators are usually a latex, silicone or Cyberskin sleeve. They usually depict mouths, vaginas or anuses. Toys made from Cyberskin, also known as thermal plastic, become warm with use and are the closest thing to skin-to-skin sensation toys offer. This gives the most realistic feeling possible. They are often ribbed and textured internally for added stimulation.


Vibrating masturbators are much the same as non-vibrating ones, but with the added benefit of offering vibrating stimulation. The vibrating component can either be removable, such as a vibrating bullet that can be inserted into the toy, or a built-in internal motor, such as those found in women’s vibrators.

Realistic Vaginas

Realistic vaginas are usually moulded directly from actual female genitalia, (often porn stars), so men can fulfill a fantasy of having someone they can’t have. They are usually made of Cyberskin, and realistic looking and feeling in weight and size. Some even have a g-spot that can be felt or pubic hair. They often also have an anal opening for anal sex. They usually come with a vibrating bullet that vibrates and gives extra sensation. They are extremely versatile and can be used in different positions such as laying on top, woman on top, etc. (just as if they were a real woman). The toy can be kept in a pillowcase when not in use to protect it from dust (and if kept under the bed it makes it easily accessible in the middle of the night!) Plenty of lubricant is a must with these as they are quite firm and makes penetration a lot easier.

Other Male Toys

Penis Extensions

Give the sensation of extra length as well as girth. They slide over the penis like a condom.

Penis Sleeves

They are worn over the shaft of the penis and are mostly for their partner to enjoy the extra sensations from the different bumps and ticklers, though they don’t cover the head of the penis, so he is still able to enjoy full sensations as well.

Penis Rings - “Bigger! Harder! Stronger! Longer!”

That is the catch-cry for penis rings and basically sums up their use. The bigger and harder refers to bigger and harder erections, the stronger refers to stronger climaxes and the longer refers to prolonged erections. Men may use penis rings simply to enhance their performance in any of these ways, or because they may require assistance for medical reasons, such as erectile dysfunction.

Penis rings work by preventing the outflow of blood from the penis. Once erect, the penis ring is fit over the penis snugly at the base, essentially “trapping” the erectile blood in the penis. This also results in ejaculation being more difficult, thus prolonging climax and leading to stronger orgasm.

Penis rings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, rubber, silicone, Velcro and leather. Some can be adjusted for size, (these are preferable for men who are not sure about what size they require or who have never used one before), whilst others are non-adjustable. For non-adjustable rings, men will need to know the size of ring required (in mm) so they can achieve the right fit. Both varieties of rings are fit in the same manner, they are simply slip over the erect penis to sit snugly at the base. Adjustable rings, such as the Ring of Power and Dr Richards Ring,  are able to be adjusted until the desired degree of fit is achieved.

Some rings are designed to fit not only over the penis, but also around the testicles (generally packaging will indicate correct placement of the penis ring with a diagram). There are also alternative devices, such as the Control Ejaculation Grip, which are used in the same way as penis rings. The control grip is a small plastic erection aid which is specifically designed to fit the contours of the penis. This device simply slips over the penis and, unlike the majority of its counterparts, has no time limits on wear.

For medical reasons, it is advised that penis rings are not worn for periods longer than 30 minutes, with at least 60 minutes allowed between uses. Prolonged use of penis rings (without removal) may cause permanent damage. Possible side effects from frequent use of penis rings may include slight bruising around the base of the penis. (Provided instructions for use are followed, this does not indicate permanent damage.)  Penis rings should not be used under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are not intended for use as a contraceptive. Penis rings are generally compatible for use with condoms, however discretion must be used to ensure condoms are not damaged.

If a penis ring is being used for medical reasons, such as erectile dysfunction (the inability to achieve an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse), it is recommended that the user seek medical advice prior to use. Using a penis ring without seeking medical advice may result in a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of the dysfunction (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, renal failure, etc). For men who have difficulty initially achieving and then maintaining an erection, the use of a penis pump prior to use of a penis ring may be beneficial. Once again, it is recommended that medical advice is sought prior to use.

Vibrating Penis Rings

A vibrating penis ring can be used to increase stimulation of the male G-spot by vibrating the muscle beneath the testicles and around the perineum  to increase blood flow to the prostrate gland (the male G-spot), meanwhile wearing a penis ring to restrict the extra blood flow from leaving the penile shaft and thus delay ejaculation.

These toys can bring about a stronger orgasm for the man, and during intercourse the vibration can also be used to stimulate the clitoral region and sensitive nerves around the vagina and perineum, therefore increasing stimulation for the both participants.

Some stretchable penis rings have battery operated bullets intended to stimulate the clitoris while making love in any position. There are a variety of shapes and sizes and textures, with and without wires.

Be Daring the Adult Shop stocks a range of ticklers. In the ring variety there are ticklers such as the Bumper Love Ring, Prong Love Ring, and Tickler Rings, which offer increased stimulation to the female partner (often through direct clitoral stimulation), whilst offering a mild degree of erectile support for the male partner. In the sleeve variety, there are Penis Sleeves, which feature a range of textures to offer added internal stimulation to the female partner. There are also other ticklers which, instead of being open-ended sleeves, offer an enclosed tickler top and stretchable “cage” to fit snugly over the entire length of a penis, such as the Happy Top Ticklers. There are also finger tickler sleeves available, designed specifically to be worn over fingers for digital stimulation.

GET PUMPING! - Penis Pumps & How to Use Them

Vacuum pumps are simple and cost effective devices that are easy to use. They are multi-purpose devices which can be used to assist with erectile dysfunction, by helping the user to achieve and maintain an erection, or for penile enlargement.

  1. The device has three main parts:
  2. A plastic cylinder that the man places his penis into.
  3. A pump that draws air from the cylinder and creates a vacuum. The pump may be hand or battery operated. Reduced air pressure within the cylinder allows increased blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.
  4. A sleeve to seal the pump airtight during use and sometimes one or more tension rings. These rings are placed on the base of the penis after an erection is achieved. They help maintain the erection by reducing blood flow out of the penis.

A penis pump will generate an erection that lasts for up to 30 minutes aided by the penis ring.

  1. The type of pump varies with the model. Pumps may be either: squeeze-bulb, handle-grip, pistol-grip, piston-action or electronically operated.  Penis pumps work by combining physical exercise (which improves sexual muscles and circulation in the pelvis) with tissue expansion in the penis. The exercise method, which alternately expands and relaxes the penis, stimulates the secretion of hormones necessary for the production and maintenance of an erection.

  2. The amount of time it takes to achieve an erection can vary greatly amongst users.  This will depend on the model of pump being used and the characteristics of the individual.  Previous studies have reported times varying from 30 seconds to seven minutes.

  3. The use of a vacuum safety gauge measures the degree of vacuum in centimetres of Mercury and gives a guideline as to the degree of vacuum that best suits the individual.  Over-pumping can be noticed and subsequently avoided.  Similar to the variances in time, the degree of vacuum required will vary amongst individuals.  It is up to the user to determine the most appropriate degree of vacuum for their situation.

Instructions for use
  1. Firstly, use a lubricant on the penis to aid the fitting of the rubber sleeve and around the base of penis to seal the cylinder airtight.

  2. Next, separate the vacuum pump from the cylinder. The cylinder will then need the sleeve that seals the penis inside fitted over the open end. (This sleeve may be rubber, silicone or Cyberskin.) Also if a penis ring is going to be used to keep the erection for longer, then this is also stretched over the seal end of the cylinder now. (See picture below.) The end of the cylinder is pressed firmly against the pubic area, with the lubricant helping ensure a sufficient seal is achieved. (When fitting the cylinder over the penis the measurements on the cylinder should be facing upwards.) Once the cylinder is correctly positioned, the vacuum pump can be re-fitted.

  3. Now the user is ready to pump the air from the cylinder. (It is recommended that the user be in a comfortable position, such as lying on a bed propped up with pillows.) The air pressure in the cylinder can then be reduced via the activation of the pump.  Method of activation will vary according to the model of pump used.  This reduction in pressure will result in expansion of the penis. Sound judgement must be exercised when using vacuum devices as over-pumping may rupture delicate blood vessels in the penis.

  4. Once an erection has been achieved, release the pressure from the cylinder and then the cylinder may be removed from the penis. The penis ring or sleeve is left in place around the base of the penis, maintaining the erection. The penis will remain erect as long as the band is in place.

  5. The band can be safely left in place during intercourse, however prolonged use is not recommended for longer than 30 minutes. If using a pump that does not come complete with a constriction ring, any penis constriction device may be used, provided it does not interfere with use of the pump. Be Daring stocks a range of devices that may be compatible for this purpose

  6. If the pump is being used for penile enlargement, the user, instead of removing the cylinder, releases the pressure from the cylinder using the release valve and repeats the process. (This process should continue for a period of approximately 10 minutes and be repeated daily.) Growth will be noticeable in width or length after approximately thirty days and that enlargement will remain with continued daily use.


Love Dolls - Inflatable Toys Explained

Inflatable dolls / toys are a type of sex toy, imitating a human body for simulated sexual acts. The dolls may consist of an entire body with face, or just a pelvic part with openings (vagina, anus, mouth) for copulation. The openings are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchangeable.

Inflatable dolls are typically female, although there are a few male dolls, transsexual dolls and also dolls in the shape of animals. Each doll has its own features, but these products will usually include oral, vaginal and anal openings. Some include soft, life-like cyberskin accessories that feel like the “real thing” and male dolls will sometimes have attachable vibrators.

The dolls are generally made of vinyl or latex. They may also have mannequin-style heads with hair and may have moulded, squeezable breasts. Less expensive dolls are usually have screen-printed faces and/or lingerie. Some dolls are also made to be in different positions such as kneeling and may also be flexible.

Inflatable dolls are also quite commonly used for bucks and hens nights, novelty gifts for birthdays, as well as for sexual use. They can also be used for fulfilling fantasies such as being with their favourite porn star or fetishes such as large breasts or larger women. Other inflatable toys include blow up peckers and smaller novelty dolls.


Warranty and Repairs:

Be Daring the Adult Shop supply care instructions with all purchases of vibrating products and also offer a 30 day repair warranty on all vibrating products sold.  This entitles the customer to return to store any item which is shown to be faulty within 30 days of purchase for repair or replacement.


The information provided to you is not professional advice. No-one should act in reliance upon any of this information without first obtaining independent advice from a health professional familiar with their particular state of health and fitness.

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