Adult Shop Assistant Manager

Pre-Employment Information / Questionnaire


Reporting to the store manager the assistant store manager under the direction of the store manager is responsible for sales staffsales, orders both placing and receiving, stock-taking and control, rostering, staff training, tasking as well as all day to day operations. Assistant store managers also contribute to the company's policy and procedural development and the Be Daring the Adult Shop promotional program and are required to attend promotional events outside the store. 

Be Daring the Adult Shop assistant managers are self-motivated high achievers, lateral thinkers and show great initiative while working in a team environment. 

Job Overview 

  • The position offered is Assistant Store Manager on a part-time basis.  

  • Part-time staff are entitled to four weeks annual leave and paid personal days as per the Be Daring the Adult Shop Workplace Agreement. 

  • Assistant store manager & casual staff generally work evenings and weekends. There is some cross-over time with store managers to enable training, tasking, and planning. Rosters may see the assistant store manager working Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday, or Sunday to Thursday. 

  • The assistant store manager may be required to work any of Be Daring the Adult Shop’s trading hours e.g. will work day shifts while the manager is on annual leave. 

  • Management may work Xmas Eve and seasonal periods and may be required to work public holidays (although rarely and these are paid at 250%). 

  • Management are on call for alarms. 



Permanent & Part-Time Employees Excl Store Manager & Administration Manager


Base Hourly Rate

Evening Work    11pm-7am



Sunday Overtime

Overtime Mon to Sat

Public Holidays



1st 3hrs

O/Time Thereafter



Plus 25%

Plus 25%

Plus 50%

Plus 100%

Plus 50%

Plus 100%

Plus 250%










Assistant Manager <1 year










Assistant Manager >1 year / <2years










Assistant Manager >2 years










What we are seeking in a Be Daring the Adult Shop manager 


We are seeking someone who is passionate about the adult products industry and ready to fully immerse themselves in the role. Not just applying because they need a job or want a change. We are seeking a manager who is passionate about working in our business with our team.  

Track Record 
We are seeking someone with a proven and demonstrable previous track record in a position of responsibility, preferably management. 

Sales person 
Of course, management involves strong administrative skills but the primary quality that we are seeking is someone who can ‘sell themselves’. We will recognise a sales person in the first minute at interview. 
Motivated Achievers. 
The successful applicant will be a highly motivated go-getter. The company is goal orientated & standards are set high. We are seeking a manager who can think laterally to solve problems and someone who is always prepared to push the bar higher. 
Cooperative Team Player 
We are seeking a manager who is a cooperative team player. Someone who can listen as well as direct. Someone who wants to share their ideas with other managers and is prepared to work for the benefit of the entire company, and not just their store. 
Issues to consider: 

Applicants should consider seriously whether the following issues suit them, their partners and their family. 


  1. The job involves the sale of sexual material. If you, your partner or your family are uncomfortable with this – You should NOT apply for this position. 

  1. As a member of the management team it is expected that assistant store managers will be available to work any of Be Daring the Adult Shop’s hours should the need arise e.g. to fill an emergency shift etc. If you are not available to work any of Be Daring the Adult Shop’s hours as required  You should NOT apply for this position.  

  1. Staff frequently work by themselves at night with some shifts finishing at midnight. If you are uncomfortable with this – You should NOT apply for this position 

  1. Staff are required to appear in team and promotional photos. If you are uncomfortable being photographed for promotions including Be Daring the Adult Shop Social Media – You should NOT apply for this position 

  1. The position requires frequent computer use. Programs will be taught but a sound level of MS Windows functions is essential. Staff typically use a server- based POS Program, Sharepoint, Basecamp, MS Outlook including calendar, tasks & email, MS Word, MS Excel, & Skype. If you do not have reasonable keyboard skills and reasonable computer skills – You should NOT apply for this position. 

  1. Shifts finish between 10pm – 12am. It is not possible to get public transport at this time. Managers may also be required at promotional events. If you do not have your own reliable transport – You should NOT apply for this position.  

  1. Staff are sometimes required to work from Head Office at another store or promotional event. If you are not able to work between stores or Head Office or attend promotional events as required – You should NOT apply for this position. 

  1. Staff do get breaks as per the Agreement but are unable to leave the store to take cigarette breaks as this would mean closing the store to do so. If you are unable to work an 8 hour shift without a cigarette break – You should NOT apply for this position.  


If you have considered all of the above issues and wish to apply for a Store Assistant Management position, please complete the Questionnaire and submit along with your resume.


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