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Our valued customers have been so kind in the past to leave these positive messages to our team. If you would like to contribute your own testimonial (names will be anonymised) please use our contact form located here.

I received my replacement we vibe today. Thank you very much for your prompt service!
Regards, D.
Phone Message
Just calling to give a big thank you to Sandra for the great service she has provided
Excellent Customer Service
My wife and i would like to give a big thankyou to Yvonne and the rest of the Be Daring the Adult Shop team for their excellent service. We ordered a 10 pack of Red Devil capsules as we regularly do through the Be Daring the Adult Shop online (internet) store/. Usually the order takes between 24 to 48 hours to be received, it is delivered through Australia Parcel Post. This time however we ordered it on the 7TH October 2014 at 5PM and as a result we were not expecting it to be delivered before the 8th of October. The order still had not arrived by Tuesday (14th) of the following week and we were getting very concerned. We rang up Be Daring the Adult Shop and made inquiries as to what had happened to our order and after Yvonne did some checking she informed us that it was our local post office. Yvonne asked us to let her know if the parcel didn't turn up by tomorrow (14/10/2014). On the 14-10-2014 we rang Be Daring the Adult Shop back and informed them the parcel still hadn't arrived. Yvonne did more checking and informed us the package was supposed to be at our local post office and so it may be an idea to go to the post office and check. Yvonne also gave us the relative postal information. We went to the post office and was told the parcel had been there since the 10-10-2014. They said the postal van tried to deliver it but no one was home. We told them at the post office that no card had been left to notify us of a parcel to be picked up and so I filled in a form of complaint. When we got home, my wife rang up Yvonne at Be Daring the Adult Shop and let her know the parcel of Red Devil had arrived. Thank you Be Daring the Adult Shop for your great customer service and future orders from us is a certain guarantee.
Kind Regards, Lynda & Dave M.
Excellent Service
I visited the Chermside store last Friday and was served by a lovely gentleman, Aaron. I haven't felt so comfortable in an adult shop before and your knowledge about all the products was outstanding. I made a special visit again on the Saturday just to say thank you.
Kind Regards, Tracey.
Excellent Service
Many Thanks! For the excellent service & the refund. Much Appreciated.
Kind Regards, Ian W
Appreciate the Service
Tonight I spent a whole hour in your chermside store. This is not a complaint rather it is a praise. The lady staff member was quick to serve me and answered my every question. Letting me feel and touch in order to help my decision making. She was very knowledgable and used cross selling and up selling frequently. As I am in retail I strongly appreciate the service that was given. Being young and knew to sex stores in no way did I feel intimidated and i felt very open about my sexuality when she was asking questions to find the right product for me..
Thank you, Samantha A.
Asset to the Company
I would like to inform you that the staff of your Chermside store are a great asset for your company and make a visit to the store a truly enjoyable experience. Could you please forward my comments to your senior management.
Thank you, Bruce P.

Prompt Service
Hi Sue, Thanks for your prompt service. We were in your shop on Saturday and were pleasantly impressed. Thanks once again.
Debbie and Michael.
Chermside Store
Exceptional Service - Sales person Destiny!
Customer *A called our Chermside store to inform us of our exceptional sales person Destiny. *A had purchased a Fleshlight + accessories from Destiny and wanted to let us know that her customer service was exceptional and beyond anything he has ever received. Customer *A said she was welcoming, knew everything there is to know about our products, and was a delight to purchase from.
By Phone *A"
Chermside Store
Huge Range
Be Daring the Adult Shop stocks such a wide range of products, beyond what we have seen at any other adult store in Brisbane. The staff are friendly and provide professional advice and recommendations; something we had never experienced before we shopped with Be Daring the Adult Shop
Morry & Lyn.
just saying thanks
I just want to say thanks for the convenience of online shopping, and a great way to spend some bartercard dollars. Thanks very much! I can't wait to receive my goodies :)
Bokarina Store
Staff at Bokarina store,
During a recent visit to your store , I had the great pleasure of being served by 2 of the nicest and polite people I have met in a long time. Carmen and Candice were very helpful and answered all my questions in a very friendly and professional manner . They made buying a present for my wife a most enjoyable experience . I will be recommending your store to family and friends .
Thank you . Stuart.
Chermside Store
Dear Manager of this establishment, I just had to write this about your customer service representative and let you know that I have never been served in such a respectful and comfortable way as Adult Shops can be a very awkward situation. I commend your assistant manager as the best service provider I have had. Customer Satisfaction and help and service. 10 out of 10 Thank you kindly
Caboolture Store
Very helpful, very pleasant to deal with. Thanks :)
Bokarina Store
Hi I would like to thank Carmen for the excellent service that she gave me with a problem I had with a remote on a new We Vibe 3. Simon* purchased two we vibes from her and they are now in NZ. After I spoke with Carmen she organised for a replacement here in NZ so I did not have to send We Vibe back to Australia. Her prompt and efficient service was greatlfully appreciated. Can you please pass on to her my thanks.
Kind Regards Carole.
Great Product!
Hi Carmen Just rang up to thank Rachael, just wanted to say how wonderful and helpful Rachael was when serving me. I brought a bottle of Pjur plus DVD and am VERY happy with it :) .
Thanks Peter.

Great Service!
Hi Carmen Thanks for the reply I took a chance and pulled in last night in way back from work and sorted everything...service was excellent you will be seeing us again have a great day.
Noel.Sent from my iPhone

Hi Nicole, I just wanted to pass on some feedback to you regarding the service we received yesterday from Hannah. She was so friendly and helpful and made my wife feel really comfortable, something which no staff and any other store has managed to do.
Thanks Josh.
To The Manager,
I am just writing today to let you know about the great customer service my husband and I received today while in the Chermside store. Hannah was extremely helpful and provided us with great product information which lead us to making an informed decision about our purchase rather than picking something from the shelve that we wouldn't know what to do with it. Hannah's friendly and easy to talk to approach made us feel very comfortable and will be defiantly be back to your store for our next purchase.
Thanks, Sarah K.

Thank you for the explanation it did make alot of sense,
I was actually really impressed that I got a proper email from a real person not just a 'auto message-thankyou for your feedback it is greatly appreciated'
Also I signed up for the and had an email saying I got a 10% discount aswell! bargain!
I will continue to send feedback on products, as an Avon rep I do really appreciate feedback on products, so I know it’s appreciated in other places,
Thanks so much for helping me, two HUGE thumbs up to you guys,

Thank you,
I now know why your business was recommended, the service is great.


Hello support,
Thank you for your prompt response on the matter.
I very much appreciate you crediting my account and I realise that since the returned item has still not yet been received at your end, you didn't have to do that.
Your customer service is excellent and therefore I will continue to shop with you.
Thank you, S.D.

Thanks a lot support,
I did receive it on Wednesday, it came Tuesday but I missed it so picked it up Wednesday and so far I LOVE it! Thanks a lot I'm very satisfied with the service!

Thanks for getting back to me! :-)
Hope you had a great long weekend!
No worries on the oversight ... considering the order got out to me so quickly (thanks for that!) I was concerned my first email hadn't reached you when I didn't receive a reply.
I did a similar order with another company the week before last and just never heard from them again - rang them a week later and even the phone didn't answer, so I was a bit quicker to get on to you with a second email, lol.
Thanks for the great service (and fun products) - I'll be recommending you to my friends :-)
Many thanks, E.

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