Be Daring's Affiliate Program FAQ

Who can apply for the affiliate program?

Anyone with a passion of content creation and an existing platform can apply. Applying is easy, just sign into your customer account and on the side menu you are apply for an account.

Do I need an ABN to apply?

Yes, you will need an ABN to apply for this program. And if you are registered for GST this information must be provided. If you are not registered for GST you will need to provide a Statement of supplier form.

How Do I Withdraw my commissions?

You can apply for withdrawals by going to ‘my withdrawals’ under the Affiliate Dashboard. A minimum of $50 must be earned before you can apply for a withdrawal. Payments will be processed on or before the 10th of the following month.

What types of data can I access?

From your dashboard interface you will be able to access the promotional data tab.

You will have 4 options of data available

Coupon Codes – These coupon codes can be used at the checkout, the commissions are tracked via the code, therefore the link tracking isn’t needed. This will suit doing shoutouts in your video content where links are not viable.

Referral Link – This is where you can paste any URL from our website to get a trackable link, commissions will follow this link and the coupon code will automatically apply at the checkout

Banners – These are promotional banners provided to place on your content. Simply click the copy button to copy the code to add to your website or content, Link tracking is provided as part of the coding.

Promo Widget -  Under the promo data tab there is a promo widget tab, this allows you to copy code to place in your content which will draw products and links, commission tracking will be attached to this code.

What do you provide to assist?

You will be provided with Promo materials like Banner ads in the most common sizes, Widgets, Coupon Codes, Discounts & unique link creator which can easily be copy and pasted.

How long will my sales be tracked?

Sales will be tracked for 30 days from the time the customer first clicks on the link

What’s your payment structure?

You can apply for a withdrawal of your commissions & payments will be made on or before the 10th of every month. All withdrawal requests must be put in before the end of the previous month

How do I see what program I have available to me

Once signed in and approved you will have access to your affiliate program details, each column shows the following.

Program – This is the name of the program available to you.

Type –  This is the type of sale the commissions are based off. Be Daring only pays commissions on “Per Sale”

Commission – This is the commission type that will be provided for each sale. This will always be a percentage unless otherwise stated.

Commission from 2ndThis is the percentage of commission provided for any following orders placed by that customer in the 30 day period.

Discount Type – This is the type of discount that you can share with your audience. It will be the discount that is associated with the coupon code. Fixed amount discount will be a fixed $ amount. Percentage of product price will be % discount. Both these will apply at the checkout for your customers and audience.

Discount – This will be the discount value, either fixed or percentage. The value shown here will be what your audience will receive in discount at the checkout.


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