Vector® is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced users alike, who are looking for a toy with a cyber-enhanced and futuristic look. Excellent girth and length, along with textures that really put you into that cyber-enhanced fantasy, Vector® is sure to bring countless hours of fun and talk in the bedroom.

Let Vector® escort you through a Neon Nights you will never forget, order Vector® today! 

STDW is an authorize Re-Seller of Genuine Bad Dragon Dildos

Australian Stock


  • Dimensions: Medium
  • Firmness: Medium Silicone
  • Circumference of Medial Ring: 16.20cm (6.38")
  • Circumference of Head: 84cm (6.63")
  • Circumference of Shaft: 78cm (7")
  • Diameter of Medial Ring: 5.23cm (2.06")
  • Diameter of Head: 5.20cm (2.05")
  • Diameter of Shaft: 6.17cm (2.43")
  • Total Length: 30.63cm (12.06")
  • Usable Length: 25.4cm (10")
  • American Made – Fully Imported

Recommend Care

  • Rinse with warm water & Dry
  • Use an antibacterial foam or spray sex toy cleaner.
  • Store in a dry place out of the way of sunlight
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